Anyone? Oh, and... I have a question for you!

So, I figured I haven't designed a button in a while -- or a header, for that matter. Mine doesn't really count, since the background isn't transparent. And if you want me to make you a blinkie or something -- I promise I won't make a spelling mistake. :P

Right now, we have 6 correct answers for this weeks movie quote. There's a couple more days left (Okay, I confess; I have no idea how many...) so if you haven't guessed, guess now! And if you guess the wrong answer, I'll tell you -- so you can try again! AND -- if you have no idea what I'm talkin' about -- click HERE, the post that tells all... well, hardly. But more than you know right now!

Oh, and I was wondering -- who would you like to see interviewed next at Girlz 4 God? I have a couple of book reviews coming up, too -- oh, and an interview with Nicole O'Dell, whose book I did a review on HERE.

...and I'd like to ask you girlz to think about and pray for the people in Queensland. First they had floods and now... a really big cyclone is coming! People have evacuated and everything, but it would be amazing if you'd just spend a few moments, with God, for them. Thanks so much.


  1. Well... I nomanate Talia to get interviewed! Shes AWESOME!


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