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Go Teen Writers has inspired me to skim the dictionary for words I never even knew existed.
And it wasn't even in Steph's post. The dictionary thing, I mean. Just my random mind, I guess.

Anyway. I now know quite a few words than earlier this morning. And here's something weird but interesing and cool I learned in the 'X' section, where's there's like 6 or seven words.

Xmas -- Christmas [the x represents the Greek letter 'chi', the first letter of 'Christos' which equals 'Christ'.] So,  Xmas isn't actually taking the Christ out of Christmas. It's just writing it in Greek... in English.

You get what I'm saying:P

Ahh, it's Summer and the weather looks so nice. Blue sky. *Sigh*

I'm re-reading the Christy Miller series for something like the 6th time. Because they're positively amazing and if you've never read them, well, you're really missing out and you have to find a copy somewhere!!!:)


  1. the christy miller series is positively amazing!!! :D

    and oh, how i wish it was summer here.

    -anna :)

  2. Whew!Sometimes I'll need to write Christmas shorter then I remember my best friend talking about how she got mad when people wrote xmas instead of Christmas and feel guilty.Now I won't thanks you :)
    Stephanie is awesome :)


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