Never Grow Up

It's been a beautiful few days. I'm learning how to listen, how to hear. How to see, how to speak. How to love, how to understand.

Quiet time is the most sacred, peaceful time. When I'm sitting in my room on my bed, my bookshelves in front of me (not right in my face:P) the sky that is supposed to be bright blue all grey and wet... writing in my diary, reading The Message and the new book I got the other day, Just Like Jesus by Max Lucado. That is when I learn to listen.

"Never grow up; you can stay this little. Never grow up; it can stay this simple."
I closed my eyes, and it felt like God was just reminding me of those lyrics by Taylor Swift. Never Grow Up.

You know that verse, in Matthew? The greatest person in the kingdom of heaven is the one who makes themself humble, like this child.

"The sky is growing greyer and darker. But I'm growing lighter and brighter."

And we have some pretty cool things coming up here at Girlz 4 God ...Okay, I see what Steph Morrill means when she posted on her blog that she doesn't know why she writes "we have" since she's the only writer :P Have you seen that Hannah Montana episode (Season 3) where Miley says she doesn't want Lily living with them, so she goes to her dad's, and when Miley goes to apologize and tells her that she really does want her to stay with them -- well, Lily's dad pretends he's got a whole office place there in his tiny one-room apartment place, and... well, it's pretty funny. Haha, me and my brother and sisters watched the entire season in a week so we can tell you anything about any of them :D

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Cool things coming up here at Girlz 4 God.

-- Mini-Interview with Nicole O'Dell (I did a book review on one of her books, MAGNA, the other day)
-- A Movie Line contest! I have no idea what the prize is. But what happens is I write a line from a movie, and you'll have to guess what the movie is!

Hope you're having a great day!
Shine, Emii


  1. Hey Emii!! You look gorgeous in your new profile picture!
    --Love MCat

  2. FAB post, Emii!!! Sometimes it does feel daunting to grow up...all I want to do is stay 15 forever! But, I think as long as inside of us, we're still God's little children, we'll survive being adults. ;)

    *jumps up and down* Can't wait for the movie line contest!!!!!

    Love always,

  3. You kinda look like Vanessa Hudgens I think (in your profile picture).I love the movie line quote game!Sierra

  4. Oh yeah....and I awarded you.
    Annnnd your profile pic is so pretty!!! Love it. ;)

  5. Cute new design, Emii! Daisies are awesome! <3

    I'm excited about those cool new things that are coming to Girlz 4 God! Can't wait! :)


  6. There is a reason the Bible says to be still and know that He is God. If we are too busy to learn to listen then we will never hear His voice. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow, Emii! Your blog is so beautiful, I'm lovin' it! I remember in your comment on my blog you said that you play guitar - really?! So do I! *cyber high five for being awesome*

    Nice to meet you, and thanks for following me! I'm following you too. :)


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