Movie Quote & Blogversary!

Can you believe it? Girlz 4 God is two years old. And I missed our Blogversary! Let's sing.

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Girlz 4 God...
Happy birthday to you.

I hope you sung it out loud! :P Just kidding.

Now, for the first movie quote. Which, I know, I said I would post... well, a few days ago now.

"You can step on my foot any time."

...I won't be publishing comments until this weeks Quote Guessing has closed -- so if you want to see your comment, leave two! :)

Oh, and take this blinkie and put it on your blog, so that everyone can join in! :)

Everything was working perfectly. And then I realized I'd spelt "alone" instead of "along". Oh well. Forgive me? :)


  1. Happy blogaversary! {haha, I totally spelled that wrong ;)}

    Anywho....hmm. I'm gonna have to think a little more about this quote...is it all right if we ask our family members to help?


  2. No idea :( shucks.Maybe next time :)
    Very cool blinkie!!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Oh, that's easy...
    Princess Diaries 2!!
    --Love MCat

  4. Okay, I recognized this, but could not figure it out, and I ended up googling it. So I obviously lose, but I just wanted to say I LOVE that movie!! Ahh, so good!

    ~Lauren :)

  5. yay! happy blogaversary! ;)

    haha, can't wait for the contest! :D

  6. Isn't that from one of the Princess Diaries? The second one..bah, I can't remember x)

  7. Hey Lily -- sure, ask away!
    Lauren -- hehe, next time maybe:D I know, how good is it!
    Thanks Anna and Sierra!

    ...I was going to write something else, but I totally forget.

  8. Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. :)

  9. Happy Blogversary, Emii! We've been blog-buddies since the beginning, eh? :)

    With Love,

    Abbie =D x0x0x

  10. Hey Talia and Abbie, thanks!

    Abbie -- Yeah, we have! You and Chelsea and me were the first blog-buddies;)

  11. Happy blogaversary!

    If I'm not mistaken, I think it's from Princess Diaries 2.

    :p that's probably wrong, but that's the only time I recall someone stepping on another's foot. haha....

    God Bless.

  12. ha ha, that blinkie is totally the story of my life.

    Misspellings... I wish there never was such a thing... they are utterly so annoying... !


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  14. Happy Blogversary!!!! One question... Am i supposed to comment the answer??? Because if i do then everyone will know... Please reply ASAP!!!

  15. Will check it out, Charity. Thanks for letting us know! :)

    Thanks, Mary! Yes, comment it -- because I'm not approving the comments with people's answers :)

  16. Alrighty! Here is the answer!: The Princess Bride 2: Royal Engagement! (i think HAHA!)



  17. Oooh! Is it the movie Ever After? Haha, you know what? I'm being a total dufus...I've never even seen the movie Ever After! I'm just guessing....

  18. Hehe, I haven't seen it either:P But for the record (What's that even mean?) -- you're pretty close!

  19. Is it Ella Enchanted? Now I *have* seen that one. But, I don't remember that line being in there....so, once again this is just a highly un-educated guess. :)


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