Movie Line Contest

Yeah! My brother and sisters and I like to watch a lot of movies. As in, we play what we like to call "The Movie Game" -- original, I know -- and can say one random sentence and we know the movie it's from.

So what'll be happenin' over here at Girlz 4 God? If you participated or at least read about the Prompt Contest's over at Go Teen Writers, well, it's sort of going to be like that.

See, every week I'll post a movie quote -- and you'll have to comment your guess. In a comment. Don't worry about someone seeing your guess, LOL, because I just won't publish your answers until the quote of the week closes. :)

I'll keep a tally of your wins -- just like Stephanie does with our prompt winning's -- and the person who has the most wins for, let's say, the term -- about three months, in case you were wondering -- wins. A prize. A book or a CD or something.

Sound good? Any questions? I'll post the first quote... tomorrow! Along with any details I've most likely missed.

And here's a random question, because I like answering random questions and reading random answers... although it probably won't be quite as random as those "Random Question" things on Blogger Profile's! :P

If you could enter the story of any of the books in your bookshelf -- what one would it be? Who would you hang out with? How do you think having you in the story would change things?


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun, Emii! :)

    In answer to your random question:
    -I'd probably want to live in my favoirte book, "Just As I Am" by Virginia Smith.
    -I'd hang out with Mayla...that would be SO cool!
    -Hmmm...I'm not sure how'd I'd make it different...?


  2. (: Yay!!! Can't wait for the contest to start!

    And, if I could enter any book.....I would enter Pride and and Prejudice, and change the way Elizabeth treats Mr. Darcy in the first half of the book. She was totally oblivious to how much he loved her! *sighs* So yeah, that's what I'd change.

    in Christ,

  3. Can't wait to start the "Movie Game."

    If I could enter a story...hmm....I would have to say...the Door Within. I'd love to go into the Realm. And...I'd probably hang out with Antoinette and Aidan...and Nock and Bolt, saying that Bolt is still alive. I'd just make the book a whole lot better. ;)


  4. Hey Emii!!!! I LOVE THE MOVIE IDEA!!!!! Ahhhh im REALLY exited! Ok so the answer to your question would be...

    Girls Acting Catty by Leslie Margolis (the sequal to Boys are Dogs)

    The main character is Annabelle and she is a lot like me: outgoing, self cofident and loves animals! I would REALLY love to be her best friend (if she were real haha!)



  5. For your random question thing, I would definately enter into Christy Miller's story. I'd hang with Christy, -obviosly!- Doug, Todd, and Tracy! They are, like, SO awesome, I wish they were real!

  6. Awesome as! I have to say, though, that I'm with Katrinka; and you can't forget Katie! :)


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