Ice-cream, Collisions & A Whole Lot of Driving

Like the title? It's inspired by the Real Life series by Nancy Rue. Aren't they just the coolest? So I thought I'd make up my own, since we did just go away for a week and all.

A whole lot of driving. Uh, yeah. A 7 hour trip there is a pretty long trip. Considering my family doesn't usually stop too much, unless for like a few minutes.

Ice-cream. They had an insanely awesome ice-cream shop. I got "Panacotta Caramel" in a waffle cone. YUM! It was the best ice-cream I've ever tasted. It was soft and yummy and it actually went inside the cone. Usually ice-cream just sits on the top of the cone, threatening to fall off and make you cry. (Though if you're still in the shop when that happens, they usually give you another one!) McDonald's is an exception to the falling off the cone, of course. And they're a whole lot cheaper... but this place was the best. On the last day -- because I won a round of mini-golf -- I got a hazelnut thickshake.

Which was very cool. I mean, usually there's like, 6 flavours to choose from for milkshakes and thickshake's, right? But because this place had the best flavours in the entire world -- well, you could get whatever thickshake you wanted. I just thought it was awesome.

And collisions? Me and mum went into town to go to the surf shop and get bread... well, we'd stopped because we weren't sure how to get there exactly, and right across from us, I turned my head -- just in time to see two red cars collide.

It was pretty horrible. I've never seen a car crash happen in action before. (Actually, I remember one time when I was little, some lady hit our car. But it didn't fall apart or anything.) Mum was like, "Did you see that?!" and I was like at the same time, "Did they just bang into eachother?!"

Mum went our to see if they were okay and stuff, and I sat in the car and watched. One lady was in her late 50's, and the other was around 20 years old. The police arrived, and mum told them what had happened...

What if we'd been going that way? The decisions we make affect the way our life goes. And sometimes things collide. They smash, and it gets pretty messy. But an airbag will protect you; before you go flying out the window, that airbag will be there to protect you, to prevent you from flying out of control.

Even if it hurts. At least you've slowed down.

God will never leave me. He'll never leave you.

 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,

“Never will I leave you;
never will I forsake you.”

 So we say with confidence,
“The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.
What can mere mortals do to me?”


  1. Great post, and creative title! A 7 hour drive? That's a long time to stay seated in a car! :)

    The ice-cream shop sounds awesome! I can just imagine it . . . YUM!

    I've never seen a collision in action before. Glad that God kept you and your family safe during your trip. Nice verses, so true! :)

  2. Thanks, Shelley! Haha, yes the ice-cream was YUM AS!


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