Go Teen Writers: Prompt Contest

Oops. I forgot to post the link! Thanks, Mary! :D (That's a bit embarrasing. :P)

I don't know if you follow Stephanie Morrill's blog -- you know, did a mini-interview here at Girlz 4 God... author of "Me, Just Different" and two other books... well, anyway.

Go Teen Writers -- Steph's blog -- has the awesomest thing this year. I'm not even exactly sure what it is. I just know that this week -- and every week -- there's this writing prompt competition. With three author judges -- and, uh, how cool is THAT? So, if you like to write, check it out HERE.

And I'm so glad so many of you are joining in my "Living life not facebooking it" thing!

Livin' life,

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  1. Hey Emii! So i really want to enter that writing thing but you didnt give us a link! I think you tried when you said "check it out HERE." but it didnt work. Could you give me the link??? Thanks!



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