Floods; Moving in.

So, I don't know if you've heard, but up in Queensland there's flooding. Like, seriously bad flooding. As in, people have lost their houses and everything in them.

Watching some of the news this afternoon -- it seems that's all that's on -- it made me think. Do I truly have to lose everything, in order to become the girl God created me to be? Not literally. But inside me, so that God can move in and bring all his stuff with him.

Think of it like this. You know when you moved houses (and I should know, I've moved houses like 10 times) you take all your furniture so that the people moving in can bring all their stuff into their new home. I mean, you don't want to arrive at the new place and find it full of the previous owners, well, life -- do you? Uh, no.

When Jesus moves into your life, he wants to totally, well -- renovate it, lets say. You might think, but hey, I don't want to lose all the good stuff in my life.

Believe me, that's impossible.

Because God has everything we need. And more. Much, much more.

But before our mind and heart and soul and life can be filled with him -- well, we need to be cleaned. Totally swept through, right?

It's pretty simple.

Ask God to forgive you.

He cleans ourselves up for us.

And He moves in right away.

Pray for the people in the floods. Last I heard, 12 people had died. A 12 boy saved his little brother -- and died. He was a hero.

There's a verse that says, when 2 or 3 people come together and pray, Jesus is with them. I know Jesus is listening and with us whether we pray alone or with others.

But let's all pray.


  1. oh that's horrible! I'll be praying, Emii! My, that young boy was a hero...that's so sad.

    I love how you take random things and get life lessons, or even lessons for eternity out of things like this. You have an amazing gift, my friend. Great post!

    In Christ alone,

  2. Very well spoken.

    I'll be praying along with you. :D


  3. Hey Emii,
    I live in Victoria so we are in no danger of those floods but recently (in the spring) we had two record breaking floods in our area, so when ever I see a TV or news article about the floods my heart goes out to those people. Thankfully no one in our floods died. And I have heard that that death toll has risen already, I hope it hasnt. Praying for them.
    God Bless


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