2011: Live. Not FB.

This year I'm living my life. Not Facebooking it. Want to join in?
Okay, so I'm not completely giving up Facebook. But this year, 2011 -- Facebook won't be the place to go to find out what's happening in my life. Talking to me, reading this blog -- that's how you'll know what's happenin'.

If you want to live your life this year, not Facebook it -- join in! Put the button on your side-bar or some place to remind you. How does that High School Musical song go? Oh, yeah. We're all in this together. (No, I didn't really forget.)

"Let us not become weary in doing good for at a proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."


  1. took the words right outta my mouth.

    anna :)

  2. Yay :D I'm going to try and cut down on my time completely on the computer. I think my goal for the today is going to be to use only 3 hours. I know.. it sounds like alot, but for me... that's sickly pretty good.
    So yep :D
    Praying for youu!

  3. There with you on this one, Emii! Not that I don't like FB, but it's not how I wish to spend my time. I'd rather live it to the fullest!

    Bring it on 2011...have a great year, girl!


  4. oh you're right we must live life not facebooking it.you have a very good idea emii.
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