when you don't get what you want

Yeah, well. We got our groups for year 9 tonight, and...I did get a pretty good group -- but two of my best friends aren't in it. It really sucks. Like, I really really really wish they were in my group.

But I know one other thing, too.

God knows what he's doing.

And even though this just seems totally not right and unfair to me -- I mean, it's seems like everyone else is with their friends -- well, God's the one who made me. He's the one who wrote down the plan for my life. I'm not writing it myself. Who knows where I'd end up?

It's not how I want it -- but then, since when do we get what we want? It sounds kinda dumb, but when I think about it -- it's been a while since I genuiely didn't get what I wanted.

I gotta remember my favourite verse -- actually, two of them right now.

Psalm 62:8, "Trust in Him at all times, Emily. Pour out your heart to Him, for God is your refuge."

And the other one -- Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, Em. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."

I believe it. I really do. But us, as humans, always think we know the better way, don't we?

God does. He knows, he knows best. He just does.


  1. That is so great to remember!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, It is kind of nice to hear comments on my art that is not my mom and dad's.

  2. yeah, sometimes i think i know better than God. but He always proves me wrong. *grins* His plan works out sooo much better than mine :)

    blessings always & forever,
    anna :)

  3. Hey dear friend - It's okay to feel that way! I understand where you're coming from... very much. We're going to another church now after God has really been leading us to leave our church that we've been at for eight years. My three very best friends (outside my family) in the entire world are there.... and yeah - I can't lie. I've cried before. It does sound stupid... but. I know what you mean! One of my best friends lives an hour away and the others are just as busy as me... so when we all do get together.. it is so very special! We still talk every day but it's amazing how it does effect when you don't have your best friends in person all the time. :) SO, I know how you feel. Praying for you! Keep strong in the name of Jesus and use this time to grow closer to Him. Sometimes stuff happens in our lives that are hard to understand and we might not see why - but God's using it in bigger ways then what we can understand now. So anyway - you're loved! Keep going. <3

  4. It can be hard to understand God's plan for our lives, especially at our ages. It seems like everytime we want to do something, God is like "Not now."
    "BUT WHEN?" we ask.
    "When it is time."

    Kind of a hard answer to deal with...but God's plan always works out in the end.

    Love and prayers,

  5. Agreed! We always like to know what's down the road, or why things happen. But sometimes things are better off unkown. We need to trust in Him and His plans for us. Great verses! I like how you made them personal by adding your name! :) Remember, everything happens for a reason!


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