Review: Forever Friends Journal AND something else :)

So, I got this journal a few months ago and today I wrote in the last page.
It really is a beautiful diary. By Robin Jones Gunn (Well, that's what it says on the cover. Technically it's by me, since it's about me and I wrote in it:P) there are quotes on the left side of the page and Bible verses on the right.

It's where I found my favourite quote,  -- Robin Jones Gunn -- which you'll probably think sounds randomely familiar since it's on the side-bar with a picture of me and some of my best friends at camp this year.
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Read the post HERE to learn more about it and where you can get it.  (Please note: I know this links to the giveaway I held here, but there's not another one at this point! It just has all the info about the journal :))

And for the "something else" part of this post. You probably know Anna over at Sisters in the Saviour.

She's doing this thing where
..."Like, you put a picture of your favorite movie/book character/singer/member in band/WHOEVER and explain that you're waiting for your ________ (whoever you want your guy to be like). I want mine to be like Ned."
And I thought it sounded pretty cool. So I've got a picture of Nick J up. :) So, join in! And have a Happy New Year, girlz!

And I'm thinkin' we all forgot about that advice column thing -- you know, "dear Emii" -- so if you have anything you need advice on, send me an email at girlz4god.G4G@hotmail.com :)


  1. *sighs* I love your Nick!!!!! He is so cute....and at least he's a real person. My Edmund isn't....ho hum. :D


  2. Haha thanks... I know right!;)
    I'll have to check out yours right now.

  3. You got the journal! I really want Christy Miller's diary! Bad!!
    (I'm reading the series over again, haha...3rd time this year! hahaha! What can I say!)

  4. *replying to your comment*
    Yes, Mom-mom was my grandma. But, she didn't want to be called something normal......and so she became 'Mom-mom'.
    I miss her, but I know she's much happier in Heaven. :)

  5. hehe, i feel loved :) everybody actually liked my idea! :) thanks for participating, emii!

    anna :)

  6. I have to do that! I forgot and plus our internet, phone and email have all been out(I'll use that as an excuse ;) ) LOVE NICK!
    Not like that that, but like he's awesome and nice.
    I just got that Journal Monday when we went to see Dawn Treader
    (LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    because I juts loved it and really wanted it after your giveaway.Happy New Year!

  7. Amber -- haha, I don't know HOW many times I've re-read the Christy Miller books and all the rest of them. They're just that good.♥ Christy's diary is awesome, you'll have to get it!!!

    Lily -- oooh, well I can imagine that she was a pretty lovely and unique lady. Yeah, she's happy now♥

    Haha, Anna. Yes it was a pretty good idea:P

    Ooh, I'm glad you got the journal, Sierra! It's awesome as. Haha, yes gotta love Nick J:P Yeah, the new Narnia was AWESOME!!!!:)


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