Movie Review: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

This movie came out four days ago here in Australia, and I just went to see it. Of course, it was pretty amazing. And even though I'm definitely not one for all those sword fights -- my mind just wanders away at those points -- I loved it.

And I was thinking while I was watching, What is Narnia, compared to the real world? Like, does Jesus and Heaven even exist?

And you know what? My question was anwered. I wasn't even expecting an answer; my question just drifted off.

Aslan was speaking to them. "Will I ever see you again?"  asked Lucy and Aslan replied, "I will always be with you, and watching you in your world."

"But how?" wondered Lucy. "I have a different name in your world. That's why you've been coming to Narnia; to get to know me a little, so that you can know me in your world."

Okay, so that's not the exact words -- it's not like there was subtitles on at the movies! -- but you get what Aslan's saying.

CS Lewis really did explain this well, didn't he? He was talking about Jesus. And I love that.


  1. LUCKY!! Voyage of the Dawn Treader doesn't come out in the U.S till December 10Th!!

    I so wanna see it. Looks epic :)

  2. It sounds like a great movie can't wait until it comes out here.

  3. OMW (oh my word) The Dawn Treader is already out in Australia?!?!?!?!? Here in the US, we have to wait until NEXT Friday!!!!!
    Lucky you ;)

    Love and prayers,

  4. Awesome! I have been wanting to see this movie, because we saw both other Narnia Movies in theatres..... even though it comes out on the 10th of December here, so that would be like the ninth for you.

    Love, Abbie =D x0x0x

  5. i'm so excited! it hasn't come out in America, yet, but when it does, i am SO there :)

    anna :)

  6. I can't wait to see this!It comes out on Friday here.I think my Mom and Dad are going to go see it.Sierra

  7. Hi, I found your blog while trying to google those lines Aslan said.

    I saw this movie on Saturday, truly touched just like how you did. (and burst into tears while I was all alone in the movie theater...)

    thanks for sharing it. :)

    I'm from Taiwan, by the way:)

  8. I agree with everyone... You are SOOOO lucky!! I'm going to see it on the tenth but I wish I could see it sooner!!
    --MCat (who, for the moment, is very angry that she doesn't live in Australia.)

  9. Heh! I saw it today here in the U.S. It's the movie's first day in theaters. I loved this movie and think it's the best yet!

  10. I just watched the movie in theatres, and i decided to look up the quote of 'I will be watching you' that you referred to. I absolutely loved the way Christianity was subtly mentioned in the end.
    10/10 :)

  11. It's my FAVORITE!! It was so amazing! Especially in 3D.
    --Love MCat

  12. M.Cat -- yeah, 3D IS pretty awesome -- even though they keep changing the glasses! ...it's kinda weird that Australia got to see it before America -- when I heard I was like, "Wow, that's a first."

    Anyone read the book? I totally have to!:)

    That's funny how people type in the part about Aslan about the other name in our world, like uh, I think I posted the most randomest review ever. Like who else would call it a movie review? :D


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