Dear God: Nick J

I just found this song by a 12 year old "Nicholas" Jonas. I think it's beautiful.



Dear God,
I hate to be a bother
But I gotta say
this world is getting crazier with everyday
I hope you hear me out now as I stop and pray

Dear God,
People take your words and try to twist 'em around
I know you can't be happy with what's going down
I'm searching for some answers but they can't be found
can you help me out
Dear God


Dear God,
Just the other night I heard somebody say
"What's the use believing in you anyway?"
I guess it was just heartache talking through the pain
It's a crying shame

Dear God,
I know you're disappointed in the things we've done
Can't they see the truth that they're all running from?
Tryin' to preach a message with a loaded gun,
What they thinkin' of?
Dear God.

Everybody's searching for an easy sollution (Yeah)
They can't see beyond the selfish world they're livin' in
Your words of love get lost in all the confusion (Yes they do)
But I still believe
someday you're gonna speak to me

Dear God,
I know you've got a million other calls to take
You're dealing with a lot of things that Just won't wait
But there is one request that I just gotta make

Dear God,
Won't you send a sign down just to ease my doubt,
I'm trying to hear but but the silence is so loud
I think I see a rainbow from behind the clouds
And I hear you now

Dear God.


  1. Dude, that is one great song!!! Thanks for sharing, Emii!!!

    Love always,

  2. Awesome song! I have to say he looked as cute when he was little as he does now. =D

  3. Mahina -- I KNOW right!! ♥ :D
    Lily -- ...I KNOW right!! Woo. Hehe:)

  4. Whoah, thats soo cool!


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