Book Review: Real Life #3 by Nancy Rue

I got Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move for Christmas -- and I've already finished it. I couldn't help it. You know how it goes -- "Oh, YAY, a new book. I'm gonna read it slowly so I won't be back with nothing to read." But if the book really is that good, you won't be able to. Unless you have really good self-control or something.

Anyway. One thing I love about the RL books is how, from page 1, you're thrust right into the life of the character -- in this case, Cassidy. (Or as Coach calls her, Brewster, which is her last name.) You know -- some books start at the bottom and then go up the 'hill' -- reach the climax point. With these books, it's more like up, down, middle, up, up, up... down...middle...up.
It's like you know something is about to happen. And that is what I consider to be a page-turning book -- for me, anyway. It's not boring. It's exciting. Fun. Interesting.

There's a clear description of all the characters -- although if you're like me, you tend to skim some description in books and you're left thinking -- "Wait, since when is her black and curly?" -- and you've already imagined her with blonde hair in piggy tails or something.

One thing I love in a book are those random thoughts or lines that make you smile. The ones where a laugh falls out of my mouth or my mouth just grows wider in appreciation for the humour of the character.

Cass's mum reminds me of Lily's mum -- in fact, in some ways Cassidy reminds me of Lily. There was one part where she was talking about 'gathering the details' -- at the very end, actually -- Passport to Paris, anyone? :) And as we know, Lil's mum is pretty cool.

Have any of you read this book? If you haven't, GO CHECK IT OUT!!!! You'll love it. And if you have read it, tell us what you  did and/or didn't like about it.


  1. i shall check it out! haha. :)

    anna :)

  2. I saw your comment on my blog and I was like "I cannot believe this she likes Robin Jones Gunn!!!!!!!!!" I love Robin Jones Gunn! Like everyone I know has never heard of Robin Jones Gunn! You are like finding a new friend but I feel like we have sooooooooo much in commen! So I want to be bloggy friends, Do you want to be? I know that sounds really weird but man looking over your blog I don't know it's like we are so alike but not, you know? Comment back, Hope

  3. I talk to my mom like Todd and Christy are real too! Have you read her Katie Weldon series yet? Those are awesome!! And I just got Christy miller diary for Christmas! Write to ya soon, Hope

  4. Awesome, awesome review Emii! I absolutely agree. I actually got the book when it first came out, but (shame on me) I haven't reviewed it yet. But I absolutely agree with you! :)


  5. Thanks for the great review, Emii! I appreciate it more than you know --

    Nancy Rue

  6. Yes, definitely check it out! Thanks so much, Prism!:)
    And Nancy -- well, you're very, very welcome!!! :D


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