A New Thing

Katie over at Hello Highlights had the awesomest contest over at her blog -- she wrote out a bunch of random movie quotes, and you had to say what movie they were from. And I think that sounds totally fun, so I'm going to do that here. Right now. Let's go! Oh, and this is just for fun...wait, I've got it. This is the latest tag. I'll make a button. :D

What you do: Answer my quotes, then take the button and make up your own for people to guess on your own blog. Or we could just constantly quote movies in the Chatbox and comment box:P Ooh, and you can add books and music, too! Yes. How awesome. I'm feeling excited.

As you can see, my mind is totally all over the place right now. I'll post the quotes after and the button, which right now it non-existant. LOL. Can't wait... maybe there'll even be a prize. Who knows.

OH, which reminds me. Sophie -- who won the giveaway item of Lies Young Women Believe, a book, well I was wondering. {I know I don't need a full stop here, but the sentence was just getting too long!} Would you be able to do a guest post over here at Girlz 4 God, telling us what you liked about the book and stuff? Or, actually, you could just do a guest post for fun. Maybe we could make that another contest or something -- or the prize for the new Quotes Contest thing.

I'm happy.


  1. Sounds awesome. Oh and cute blog background!

  2. So do we only get the tag if we get it right?
    It sounds like a great idea.I love doing these.Sierra

  3. This sounds fun!! :)
    And I like your new background!



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