From A Lily Book

So, I re-read "Lily's in London" by Nancy Rue the other day -- gotta love the Lily books! -- and there were these questions her grandmother -- well, they call her Mudda since her older brother Art didn't know how to say "grandmother" when he was little -- asked her to email her the answers to while she was away.

1) What was the best part of the day?

2) What is one thing you've learned today?

And I thought it'd be kinda cool if we did that here at Girlz 4 God. Except not everyday -- well, you can answer them everyday, if you want -- but you don't have to.

1) My best part of the day... playing cards with my family. It just was. And hey, the winner gets an ice-cream from the freezer. (Not Magnum's anymore, though, cuz I kept winning and they ran out too fast:P So now it's just Billabong's up for grabs. But it's getting waaayy hotter now, so that's cool!)

2) One thing I've learned... The Last Song is a looong book!:)


  1. 1) working on my book report(what I am crafty I had to make a poster)

    2) That painting a river without a refrains takes a LONG time. ( I take art class. I must have repainted it 3 times.)

    I like this idea. It makes you think about the things that happen in each day of my life.

  2. I love Lily! Don't you? =P

    Love Abbie x0x0x

  3. hehe:) best thing of my day? jamming to stellar akrt this morning!

    one thing i learned - geometry. :/

  4. 1) Best part of the day...Visiting a church friend's house. They're like our second family.

    2) What I learned today...that I can actually get to chapter 3 in the books I write. SaWEET!!

    Rach.T =)

  5. Oh, I love the Lily books! They're awesome, aren't they? :)

    The best part of today (for me) was feeling better. Thankful for that. :)

  6. Hey Emii! I love that book! Great idea for the Q's :). That's cool you got to play cards! How was The Last Song?

    1) best part of the day? UMMM... probably Purity Class @ homeschool co-op today! It was a Bible version, and I was the 'scribe'. I was on a team with a boy named Nick. He was the runner. It was a fun game! Great!

    2) my friend is very good at speech-writing!

  7. Cool! :)

    1. My besties spent the night last night...so much fun!

    2. My dog can be quite frustrating sometimes. lol ;)


  8. I LOVE the lilly books. i can so relate! princess, i agree w/you! this can help us think about each day (and also finding the best in even the worst days)! please pray, girls, 2day our band leads worship 4 church! and 2morrow cause they have a sat. night worship. thanks girls!

  9. Wait, Em, you read The Last Song? What's it like?

  10. 1) What was the best part of the day?Going to the Library and getting more good books!

    2) What is one thing you've learned today? That it is good to listen to my dad sometimes.He wanted me to think about what I wanted to post before I got on the computer or even write it down.I juts tried it and it really worked!


  11. i like the lilly books to. thay are so cool.


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