Comfort Zone: Getting Out

Whew. It's over. And hey, you don't even know what I'm talking about, do you? We had a music recital at school yesterday. Me and a friend played the guitar and sang {A verse each} Nightminds by Missy Higgins. It went okay, I'm thinking.

But there's one thing that actually got me onto the stage.

Do Hard Things. As in, the book by Alex and Brett Harris. The first two times I tried to read it it was like, Ohhhhkay, and I'm reading this why?

But this time it was like it was speaking right to me. I'm guessing it was God.
The chapter I read was about getting out of your comfort zone -- like, if you never did anything out of your fence of land or whatever you'd never get anywhere in life and you'd be in the same old routine. But when you take opportunities -- things that are hard for you -- you're getting out of your comfort zone. Not only that, but once you've taken the step -- you're comfort zone stretches, if you like, and suddenly there's even more options out there.

You've just gotta take the first step and get out of you comfort zone. Even if you totally fail -- Jesus said something about trying even 7 times 10 times and even if you fail then -- try again!

Do Hard Things. I can't wait to read more of this book.

And yeah. Sometimes people can really not be very encouraging. But we have to live with that, don't we?
God won't leave us. We get hurt, yeah. But we can stick it out. We can get through it -- me and God together, you and God together. All of us together.

"Emily can do anything thing through Me {God} who gives her strenth." Philippians 4:13; add your own name to the verse. I really believe it.


  1. That book is very inspiring! Have you watched the videos of them speaking on it? They're funny and great!

    Glad you enjoyed the music recital, even if you were nervous. Even if you don't think you did well (I'm sure you did,) you'll always be the best in God's eyes.

  2. I've read "Do Hard Things." Awesome book! And my brother and I got the chance to go to one of the Harris brother's conferences...which was equally awesome!
    I struggle with getting out of my comfort zone a lot. But the Lord has been helping me with that. It makes that verse you quoted really real to me!
    "Katie can do anything through Me {God} who gives her strength." :D


  3. My parents give that book to each of us kids when we turn into a teenager. I read it last year and I loved it.

  4. Great post Emii! :) And I really like the idea of putting your own name in the verse!

    Also, I got my book that I won (from your contest) in the mail yesterday! :D I was pumped. It's great!! :) Thanks!

  5. i've always wanted to read it! maybe i'll get a copy from my local library :)

    anna :)

  6. Emii, that is awwweesoomme. That book is REALLY great. I've kind of been letting it wear off, not thinking about it much. But I DO think that God is nudging me to do some stuff for Him that I usually wouldn't want to. But a quote my dad really likes (and i do too) is this... "Only one life, 'twill soon be past. Only what's done for Christ will last." Why am I wasting time staying in my own little world? Ack!

    That's really cool, putting your name in the verse and all. It really sticks out to me when I do that.

  7. Hey Angela,
    No, I haven't seen the video's -- but I'll have to check them out, and maybe post one on the blog!:) Thanks for letting me know about them.

    Katie -- I know, I was like, wow. God really does give me strenth. It's funny how different the persepective seems when it's personal, doesn't it?

    Princess -- that's cool! It's an amazing book.

    Oh, you got the book, Sophie -- that's great! I was worried you didn't get it. How is it? You'll have to do a guest post on it!

    Anna -- yes, SO borrow it!

    That's SUCH a true quote, Talia! Have you heard the song "CS Lewis Song" by Brooke Fraser? You should totally check it out, it's an awesome song!:)


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