Since the start of the year in Bible, we've been reading through John. (As in the book in the Bible.) We've just finished reading about Jesus dying on the cross, and coming back to life.

Tell me something.

When you read that -- "Jesus dying on the cross, and coming back to life" -- do you actually feel anything? Do you actually think something, or is it just, "Oh yeah. I know. Jesus died for ME. He loved me that much."

I don't know that I've ever grasped that Jesus probably didn't want to die. How much it must of hurt to have nails hammered through his hand. I mean, lift up your palm and look at it. Can you just imagine how much pain having a nail hammered through it would bring -- attached to a cross, no less?

It's like, maybe someone your close to experienced something pretty tough earlier in their life, when you weren't around -- but because it happened to them, and they're telling you about it or whatever -- it helps you. But you don't think about the pain it caused them.

I think it's sort of the same thing; I love that Jesus died for me. But...back then, when Jesus was going through that pain. It's not like I can relate to it exactly. I mean, I've never been hung on a cross to die. I know it sounds terrible but -- do I actually care that Jesus went through so much pain for me?

I want to.

In Bible today, our teacher showed us this video of these people in Papa New Guinnea or someplace -- where these missionaries went and told them about the Bible through pictures. When they heard about Jesus being killed -- for nothing, no less -- they were distraught. So sad, that this man was being treated like he was.

And then, three days later (You know, to make it how it was or something) the missionaries told them that Jesus was alive. And you should've seen those people; they were so happy. Like, dancing and jumping around and singing and everything.

We're so used to hearing it, almost everyday of our lives maybe -- that it really means barely anything to us. I think we need it to.

Jesus died on the cross.
Because of what I did wrong.
He was hammered to a cross.
Because he loved me.

And then he came alive again. I know it's not Easter, but who cares. It's not the only day to talk about this. Pfft. I just think that we need to remember. When we die, if you believe in Jesus and are friends with him -- you go to Heaven, to spend Eternal Life.

But if Jesus hadn't of been brave enough to die, well, that's not we're we'd be headed. Because Jesus was the only one who could take the place of all our sin, so that we could live with him forever, in Paradise.

I just think that's amazing.


  1. i'm with you, Emii. i think we take His love -- His sacrafice -- for granted. and we shouldn't. thanks for this. i needed a wake up call.

    love in Him,
    anna :)

  2. So very true! I totally agree with you! We know it happened, but we don't really step back and actually think about it. Great post! It reminds us to be thankful, because God has done so much for us! :)

  3. It is amazing! We really should remind ourselves of the wonderful things God has done. :)

    Also, thanks for the comments. I love the to-do list too. And I am following your blog. :)

  4. I think we constantly need this wakeup call, Anna. It's just something we continually keep for granted.
    Yes, He has, Shelley!:)
    Your welcome, and thanks, Mahina!

  5. This is completely random, but the day you wrote this post was on my birthday!:) Anyways, amen to your post. I totally agree with what you're saying!


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