one moment.

Well, I got back from camp yesterday. What a long and tiring week. Fun, yes. But a 12 hour bus ride there, and constant travelling and walking all the time, late nights and early mornings...but of course lots of random laughing with friends and being silly.

Anyway. There was this thing we had on camp -- it was called "Your Moment". (Well, it actually didn't have a name but I think it's pretty fitting.) Like if, say, you were on the bus and there were too many people there, and one of the teacher's are like, "Can someone go on the other bus?"
You don't want to get off the bus that has your friends on it and go on one with other people, really, do you?
But it's not always about us.

And if you just thought for a moment, "Okay. Does it really matter where I sit?" and give the person your seat.
Maybe you just stay quiet. "Oh yeah...naa, who needs a moment? Someone else can swap."

It's not always about US! Remember this -- have a moment.

So the challenge for all of us this week? Everyday, have at least one moment. Maybe you let someone do what they want to do instead of your first option. Or do something as a favour to someone. Be agreeable and fun.

I'll be working on it. Let's pray for eachother, okay? And I am SO tired. This post is probably all over the place. I'll be feeling more awake next week!:)


  1. i'll try my best to have more than one moment :)

    blessings && smiles,
    anna :)

    P.S. - yayyy! your back! :)

  2. cool idea, Emii! no, your post was good! :D lol. I'll be trying to have, like Anna said, "more than one moment".


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