first impressions

We were talking about that at school yesterday, since Leann brought it up. "What was your first impression of people when they first came to this school?"
I'd been thinking about it the other day. It's actually really interesting to hear people's first impressions of you -- and see how they've changed.
Because how does that saying go? First impressions count? Cuz, come on. Since when do first impressions count with your friends? (Unless you thought they were amazing as soon as you met them and they really are!!)

You get to know them. You learn their flaws and their good points. You learn what they want to do for the world, what their favourite colour is and who they like. ("No-one.")

God's the only one who truly knows a person. He knows you, and He knows me. God knows everything about you, and loves you. He never had a bad first impression of us. He created us. He thought we were good. He loves us. What was your first impression of God?


  1. wow. tough question! hmmm....my first impression of God was probably that He was my loving Father in Heaven.

    I know what you mean, though. People sometimes make a big deal out of looking really awesome from the very beginning (which is sometimes how I think people form cliques at school or youth group, just from judging if a person is "cool" or not which is stupid if you ask me). But really it doesn't matter if you make an awesome first impression. It's really about who you really are all the time. Thanks for posting this!

  2. I was 5yo....so I don't really remember my first impression of God. :P But the last six sentences were very true! :)

  3. loving. i remember singing "Jesus loves me" when i was just 2 or 3.

  4. I've been raised in a Christian home, and I accepted Christ when I was young (although I understood it much better when I was older), so I guess I just thought 'Jesus loves me' and 'I love Jesus'. I had the strong little-kid faith. It was pretty cool!


    p.s. love this post, emii.

  5. My first impression of God...hm tough question indeed LOL.

    Well...my first impression was that God was so much higher than any human beings powers and I never could understand how people thought we all happened by chance.

    He's awesome!

    Oh and on a side note to first impressions, that is a cool thing to thing about! I asked my BFF what her first impression of me was, and she said she thought I was this really popular girl with tons of friends and she thought I was best friends with someone who isn't my best friend! It's funny because now she knows I am NOT popular (which I'm okay with).

    Its a cool sleepover question to ask your friends, your be surprised at the answers!


  6. Definitely a cool question to ask, Annabelle! We talked it about it again today. It really is a really interesting question (Please, please forgive me for using the word really twice in the same sentence:P)

    Your first impressions are so true. My first impression of God was...that he loved me, I guess it was. Same as a lot of you -- raised in a Christian home, and I just knew -- and still know -- that Jesus loves me. It doesn't get any better than that, if you ask me.


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