Reggie Dabbs

We had the most amazing speaker come to our school yesterday -- and his name is Reggie Dabbs.

What a funny guy. He just makes you laugh. And the message that he's trying get across amidst the jokes really makes sense.

He talked about hero's. How we could be someone's hero, maybe just by listening to them.

He told stories. Like when he was a kid, and felt alone. He was in the street, tears falling down his face. And nobody stopped. Nobody cared.

He taught us to to speak like he does. "I GOT your back!" (If you've ever heard him speak, you'll know what I'm talkin' bout!)

He taught us how to rap... and then made four of our teachers get up in front of us and rap, too. I'm pretty sure they were embarrased. :P
"Ain't no party like a no-drug party cuz a no-drug party don't end...aye!"

And the best part? I think he made every single person in that room think. You know how when your teacher speaking, or your minister at church is preaching -- and you just sort of zone out sometimes? Yeah, well that doesn't happen with Reggie. {Well, okay. I admit that I zoned out once. But I was really annoyed once I realized I'd missed the start of a story!} Because he has this way of engaging with the audience, in a way that we really do want to hear what he has to say.

Oh, and guess what. I shook his hand.


  1. lol, yeah u shook his head, but it was more like shaking a fish, lol ;)
    he was really kool :D

  2. He sounds like a great speaker! I wish he would come to my school and speak, but unfortunately I don't have a school (unless home counts) hehe. Btw, your profile pic looks amazing! You're a really pretty girl, Emii!!:) Also, are you going to post your book on your blog so we can read it? Just curious.


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