Random. Again.

I'm so glad you all enjoyed the interview with Robin Jones Gunn interview! And for those of us who love her books, I have some exciting news -- there's a new book coming out, it's Christy Miller's diary; how cool is that! It's the diary of her life and how she feels through all the books. I can't wait to get it!!:)

A few of you mentioned you liked my BlogPod (Name courtesy of Anna. Thanks, Anna!:D) Hope you like my music selection(:

Guess what. This is our last week of school until holiday's, which go for 2 weeks. And then we have Term 4, and then...Summer holidays! Which goes for 6 weeks.
Now, I have a question. In America, your summer 'vacation' (American word:P) goes for...3 months, right? Why do you get so much time off of school?! We only get six weeks:P Do you have less time off during the year, or what?

...now I just gotta finish all my assignments. Including a debate I have to write for tomorrow's English. It's not looking good!! :S

Hmm, what else to write? I read 6 books over the weekend. I know, right? And just think. I could've been doing the homework I seriously need to finish.

Aaaand I guess I'd better go. If you could comment what you'd like me to post on, that'd be great! 


  1. That's awesome! Can't wait to read it, sounds amazing! Yay, the holidays are finally coming. I know, right? How can they get a three-month vacation?!

    Have a great last week!

  2. In America, we have about three months in grade school for summer vacation. We get about two weeks for a winter vacation, a week for spring break, and a few other odds and ends days off.
    If you think three months is crazy, then let me tell you how much time I get off in college. I have four months off for summer vacation. Ridiculous because I love school and I'm so glad to be back finally. I've waited all summer for it to come.
    What month is your summer holiday? And how did you read 6 books this weekend? That's pretty impressive. I could never do that. Well, maybe if they were short books or really enjoyable. But then again, now that I'm back into school, I don't really have time to read for fun.
    I enjoyed reading your random blog. Most of mine are pretty random too.

  3. really? christy's diary? that's so cool! **totally jazzed look on face**

  4. Yeah, it's pretty much that way - we get 2 weeks for Christmas, 1 week for Spring Break, and then holiday long weekends and stuff.

    Love, Abbie =D x0x0x0x

  5. Yeah, we really don't get more time off than you. I am guessing you all do year round school, we don't. When May comes (or June) we are done until August. But sometimes I wish we just did it they way you do in Australia, that way I wouldn't forget everything then start back in the fall (autumn). I sometimes wish we did year round school, it makes more sense...but then again I do enjoy having 13 weeks off haha, but thats pretty much all we get except for Christmas and Spring.

    Never thought about why we would have a Spring break..haha.

    Hope this helps. I love your random blog!!!


  6. That's awesome news!! A friend of mine told me long ago, but I had kinda forgotten about it!!! lol!

    Wow, 6 weeks??? That's sooo cool! We had a 6-week holiday in June.July, to accommidate the World Cup that was held over here (South Africa), but that was only 4 or 5 weeks long. We have almost 2 months break in Summer, only 3 more months left, yay!!!! :):)

    Luv Amz
    P.s. where in Aus do you live? We have friends and family who live in Perth and Melbourne, so just curious to see where you're living :)

  7. Well, I've been to both an American school and a british school. In the American school we got about two and a half months of vacation, but no half-terms. In the british ones we get a week off for each half term. And I used to have a week for easter (in the American school), but I've got two right now.


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