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I'm finally posting again. It feels like FOREVER! I think time is just different in school holiday's, don't you? It's like the routine is suddenly gone, and there's no time for anything. I can eat lunch when I want to, I don't have to wait for 1 o'Clock in the afternoon.

And besides that, I really haven't been spending much time alone.

I went to a sleepover at the awesome Elise's house the other day, and fell asleep at like 4am. We watched Princess Diaries 1&2, talked, laughed -- and watched 27 Dresses the next morning. Ilove Princess Diaries. And Sydney White. And A Cinderella Story. I guess you've figured out I like fairy-tale-turned-reality type movies:P Well, I also love RV -- Runaway Vacation, Dan in Real Life, and some other random movies. Oh, and The Last Song. And the Hannah Montana movie. (I love Lucas Till. And Nick J.) Oh and the Lizzie McGuire movie, Ilove Gordo!

Anyway. I got a bit carried away there listing my favourite movies. My fingers tend to write faster than my brain, and I can't really stop them.

Ooh, so, I've started getting to know the main character for the book I'm going to write. Her name is Maya Daisy Jones. I've taken the advice of Robin Jones Gunn, where in the mini-interview she did for Girlz 4 God, she mentioned, "If I know and love the characters it makes a big difference in how energized I feel to write about them."

I thought it was great advice, so that's what I'm doing. And I read a guest post with Stephanie Morrill, "About 7 years ago, I was stuck in a writing rut and began leafing through old projects of mine. I had a handful of complete manuscripts, but most had been discarded halfway through the writing process. There was something wrong about them—all of them. Something I couldn’t put my finger on for awhile. And then one day, I saw it clearly:I was my main character.In every one." You should read it, by the way. It was awesome and gives some great tips and ideas for building your main character.

So yes. And if you'll excuse me, I think I'll get back to getting to know my main character. Thanks for coming to my blog and reading and commenting, by the way. I think it's just amazing...I remember the day I started this blog. The same day I discovered Nancy Rue's blog, for tween's. Almost two years ago. Well, not quite. Two years in January. So much has happened in that time, but I know one thing for sure.

Me and Jesus are better friends than we've ever been before.


  1. yay! your back! and i love all those movies you listed above. especially sydney white(:

  2. Whhoooooo!
    I love Lucas Till and Nick J.!!!!!!!
    Glad you are posting again.Sierra

  3. I love that we all have so much in common!:)


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