Why do we care?

I had, I guess you could call it, a revelation yesterday. I was listening to Brooke Fraser's "CS Lewis" song, and suddenly it dawned on me.

We weren't created for this place; we were created to live with God in His Kingdom for all of eternity!

Why do I let the world try to stop me from being who God created me to be?
Why am I scared?
Why do I let the world tell me what to do, who to be, what to say?

The world doesn't rule over me. Why do I act sometimes like it does? Why am I afraid of what it will say?

I need to follow God -- and show people the Way to get there. To the final destination. Because this here, this world -- this is not the final destination. God's Kingdom is the final destination.
And there's only one way to get there. {following Jesus}

We won't be on this earth forever. Why fear the world? God wants us to fear him -- and he's with US!

I can love people. Talk to people. Love life. But I'm seeing it from a different perspective. The world doesn't rule over me!

God is my King, my Ruler. And I follow Him. "I can do anything through Christ, who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

Don't be afraid of the world; God is our King. He's in charge here. Anyway, I have a question.

Why are we so concerned with what the world thinks of us?


  1. Great post and question! I don't know! We just want to be liked. When really, we are liked! In fact we are loved! By God! :)

  2. Emii,
    this is officially my favorite post by you!!! lol. it made me think SO much. such a great post emii seriously and it is SO true. soooo true. good job!

  3. Wow! Great post, Emii!!:) So true, too. God is the only One that matters, but I think that we often get so distracted that we forget about what's really important. Thanks for sharing this, Emii, and keep it up!

  4. Right on, Em!! I LOVE hearing about your revelation moments. Your post rocked and it's really thought provoking.
    --Love M.Cat

  5. awe post:) (it's a thing from camp. only God is awesome, so things are awe :D)

    so true. now you've given me a different perspective on life!!

  6. Hi, I recently found your blog on Christ Is Write. Great post! I can definitely relate. Thanks!



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