Randomness... I love doing these posts.

So. What have I been doing lately? Well, a lot of reading, for one thing.

Melody Carlson books mostly. Diary of a Teenage girl -- Maya #3 and Caitlin #4. Both are pretty good books! And also the Carter House Girls books, also by Melody Carlson. So, what books have you girlz being reading lately?

School is another thing. {Obviously}. I have that many assignments I really should get started, but... you know. Homework or reading or guitar... uh, I don't think homework is going to be my top choice!:P

I haven't been spending much time on the computer, which I'm quite proud of. Although I could spend a little more time posting, couldn't I? Oh well. I don't want to bore you with too many posts;)

Soo...tell me. What's your favourite verse? I have a couple, but one that just sort of encourages me all the time would have to be Philippians 4:13 -- I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength.

Oh, and I started writing a new book. Even though I'm really bad at planning a story, I'm doing my best, so that by the time NaNoWriMo comes around in November, I'll be ready! If you didn't know, NaNoWriMo is this thing for people who love to write -- and you join up to the site, and try to meet your goal of a certain number of words in a month. Like, last year my goal was the standard 50,000 word novel -- and I achieved that goal, and was quite proud. That was a LOT of writing!:)

Ooh, guess what. Nancy Rue's next RL book -- Tournaments, Cocoa & One Wrong Move -- comes out sometime soon! September 15th, to be exact. I can't wait! The first two books were AWESOME! :D

Let's talk about... music. My new favourite singer, in case you hadn't figured it out already -- is Brooke Fraser. My favourite songs are probably CS Lewis Song, Faithful and Arithmetic. But hey, I love them all! The lyrics just make sense, and they're so true and I love her voice! Whose your favourite singer right now?

I'm thinking it's about time for Girlz 4 God to have a makeover. Hmmm, any suggestions? And this time it will fit everyone's computer screen, not just mine! :P Sorry about that!

I think this post is random enough; my fingers enjoy flying over the keyboard writing about random things!

That's all for now,


  1. hey em,
    i LOVE all those books, but u already no that lol
    oh, can i borrow that 2nd book by nancy rue??

  2. love random stuff :) and i haven't read the real life series yet...i've gotta check them out!

  3. Ooh! Random posts are SO fun!:) Hmmm....let's see. I am reading the third book in the Lost Books by Ted Dekker called Renegade. So far so good! My Dad and I are going through the first book in the Lord of the Rings series which is quite interesting. I can't wait to be done with it, though! Not that it's bad or anything (it's actually quite good), but my Dad always makes me read the book before I see the movie (which I really want to see!)so I hope he'll hurry up with the book! My favorite verse is probably Galatians 2:20, but, idk, I like a lot of verses in the Bible.(: When you finish your book, you should really post it on your blog (chapter by chapter) because I really want to read it!(: Brooke Fraser is really awesome, though! Her voice is really amazing, too!!(: Do you know if she's released any albums because I would so buy one if she has! My favorite singer(s) is probably either Toby Mac or Tenth Avenue North. I can't decide, though, because they're both so awesome!(: And, I'm so excited for October, because not only is my birthday in October, but Tenth Avenue North is coming to the city where I live three days before my birthday! *screams excitedly* I'm so psyched about it! It's like God just knew that I liked them so He thought He'd just send them over as a special birthday present for me. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!(:
    Anyways, sorry about the super long comment, but I just thought I'd share that with you. Have a great week!

  4. I like Melody Carlson alright her books are sometimes a bit depressing though.I just finished 2 Nancy Drew's and am now reading the fourth book of Ember.I like her Shadowfeet.
    I don't really have one right now(singer).I now I am sooooo excited about it her first 2 were her best and this one sounds so good!
    Like your new profile pic.
    Question:have you ever been to see the Irwin family?At the zoo?That is one of my many things I want to do.

  5. hey emii do u know melody carsons website or blog? love,angel

  6. Being random is like second nature to me. Haha! ;) Some of my all time favorite books are "Just As I Am" and "Sincerly, Mayla" by Virginia Smith. My favorite musicians are Matthew West, Jimmy Needham, Tenth Avenue North, and Britt Nicole. Hmm...I'm not sure if I have one favorite Bible verse. I <3 Psalm 91, though!


  7. I've been reading the first Christy Miller book, Summer Promise, and am almost done and ready for the second: A Wisper and a Wish! Great series! :)

    I know what you mean about being proud of not being on the computer too much. Blogging and stuff is pretty time consuming. :)

    Right now I've been really liking Round & Round by Selena Gomez, good song. :)

    I'm sure whatever new blog design you choose will look great! I also really like the one you have now!

    Great post! Love the randomness!


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