God Knows When

Philippians 4:19

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

For as long as I can remember, Australia has been in a drought.
We lived in the country for two years, and I noticed that, when it wasn't raining, farmers were complaining that there wasn't enough rain for their crops to grow or whatever the reasons are. And I guess that's understandable, hey? I mean, if you can't grow stuff on your land, well, how will you make a living?

But the thing was (and still is, I'm guessing) is that when it rains -- like, maybe even a few days in a row -- they complain. Because it's either too late and the crops are dead, or there's too much rain or something.
I mean, really. God gives us what we ask for, and we just complain because it's not at a convenient time for us?

Since when do we know when it's a good time or not? God's the Creator of the universe here; he knows, not us!
Are we ever happy with what we've got? Sometimes we act so spoiled. God does so many things for us. Why do I take the many things he's blessed me with and given me for granted? I'm probably not even aware of most of the things God has done for me. He's that good.

Anyway. Since when do we know what's best for us?
Uh, we don't. I guess this is where we decide to just give it all to God. I'm ready to hand it over.

dear God,
Sometimes I act like earthly things are more important than you. I say, "Where are you God, why aren't you speaking to me? Why can't I HEAR you?!" 
I think that I know when it's the time for things, when I should do this, when I should do that. But really, I have no idea. I really want to trust you, God. I do trust you. I want you to take charge, though. Take the reins. Take the wheel. Take control, whatever metaphor thing you like best. (I mean, that IS your position. You're the pilot... okay, let's just give credit where credit is deserved. I'll call you Creator.)
I don't want to be the boss of my life, God. I want you to be.


  1. Awesome post, Emii!

  2. great post! It is very true, we like to be in control, and think we know what's best. When really, we just need to step back and let God lead us. We need to learn how to follow. :)

  3. Just like my post for you, this post came just at the right time! Thanks, Emii!


    Love, Abbie =D x0x0x0x0x

  4. I have been slowly realizing this is so true. God means for things to happen. Right now my uncle is in the hospital, I don't even know if he is okay or not...normally I would be pacing freaking out and screaming and crying right now, but God has given me PEACE.
    Thanks for the post Emii. Oh, and I was the 'anonymous' in a few posts ago lol, sorry :D

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  6. Amen Amen! I love this!
    I wanted to say that I saw you had a Robin Jones Gunn giveaway. Sorry I missed it! I love her books. I "accidentally" discovered them a few years ago & fell in love with them! I just now got the Katie Weldon series, so can't wait to finish them. Go Todd & Christy!


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