*Please note, you do not have to have a blog to enter. I've been asked a few times, so I just wanted to let you know!*

Hey girlz,
As you know, I recently reached 100 followers. I know you've heard of Robin Jones Gunn, right? Author of Christy Miller, Sierra Jensen, Kate Welden... all those books that I just love. Well, her online shop has lots of very awesome things in it -- such as a keychain of Todd's Naranja surfboard, a Forever bracelet like the one Todd gave Christy -- the things that were special to Christy and Todd -- as well as to us. Well, she (...the manager of her shop) has offered a copy of this journal as the item of the giveaway.
SO. For Girlz 4 God's give-away, you could win a... Forever Friends Journal!

How cool does this journal look?

"Inspired by comments from readers of the popular CHRISTY MILLER series, Robin Jones Gunn has partnered with Ellie Claire to create the new Forever Friends Journal.

This beautifully detailed, interactive journal features story excerpts from Robin's bestselling books along with some of her favorite quotations and Bible verses that focus on the rich, sweet treasure of friendship with God and others. Lined pages are ready to be filled with all the dreams, celebrations, and prayers that you share with your Forever Friends."

AND, if you don't win -- or would prefer just to buy it through the shop -- you can enter the couponcode GIRLZ4GOD at the checkout -- and recieve 20% off your order! How cool is that?!

Now, you're probably wondering how to enter. You can enter up to three times, but doing these things -- but you can just enter once if you wish.

1.Leave a comment saying you'd like to enter. (ONE entry)
2.Post about the giveaway on your blog, then leave a comment over here saying so. (ONE entry)
3.Become a follower if you aren't already, then leave a comment saying you're following.(ONE entry)

The give-away ends 20th August. The winner will be chosen at random. And don't forget to spread the word & take the giveway button!:)


  1. Hey Emii!!!
    I would love to enter your drawing!!

  2. BTW You used to follow my old blog"Princess on a farm"!? Well, I started a new one!


  3. hey em,
    enter me plz!!!
    jordi, xx

  4. Hey Emii!
    That's so awesome that you're having a giveaway! :) I really wish I could enter, but unfortunately my parents won't let me because they don't want me giving out my address. So I'll probably just get the book from the store. Btw, how did you get the code Girlz 4 God to give people 20% off? That is so cool! Hope the giveaway goes well!!

  5. I want to be entered!
    --Love M.Cat

  6. ENTER ME!

    Holy cow I have to be the BIGGEST Christy Miller fan EVA!

    Love, Makay

  7. I am following! WOO WOO!

    Love, Makay

  8. Hey!! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!! Haha Nick Jonas is my fav of the 3 too! I have seen them in concert 3 times haha! They are amazing!

    Your blog is very very cute!

  9. Hey Emii!
    I don't know if you remember me I left a comment for your interview with Stephanie Morrill(Funny thing!I also am going to interview her!).
    So I am commenting and here is the address for my post:
    And I also now follow you.
    Hope I win!LOL!

  10. kk, well i want 2 enter, im a follower, and i posted about it on my blog :D

  11. I will post and i am a follower and....yeah!

  12. I follow!

    Please enter me!

    And I posted on your giveaway, but you saw that already - =P

  13. Hey Emii!

    Ok, I've decided to give a giveaway a try, though something tells me I won't win...fingers crossed though!!! I totally LOVE Robin Jones Gunn, she's sooo amazing!! I begging my friend to let me borrow the new Katie Weldon (book 4) :) I loved the Christy and Todd series too, they're awesome!

    So plz, plz, plz enter me!!! And good luck to the winner of the prize, she'll really enjoy it!

    Luv, Amy

  14. Heyyyy emm :) enter mee in!! loove you emmmmm xxx loots of love elise :)


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