The Forever Friend

Close your eyes, and imagine your at school, or church, or wherever it is you see your friends. If there's a group of you, I want you to think -- is there someone here you sort of just take for granted, that they'll always be there for you, that you don't really have to spend much time with them, because you know they'll be there for you no matter what? So you think, "Oh yeah, look, there's Jacie... I'm gonna go hang out with her. See ya, April!" And then, when Jacie dumps you, there's good ol' April, there to be your friend again like she always was, even though you've done nothing to deserve it.

The same is true, I think, with Jesus. As least me and Jesus. I know I take him for granted, just like we took April for granted. I mean, let's see what I might do in a day. I go to school, I play guitar, I read, I cook, I talk, I go on the computer...and at the end of the day, I might -- just might, if I have the time, if I'm not too tired -- read the Bible, and write in my diary. (Well, I usually write in my diary.)

Jesus is always here for me, and he always will be -- I know that. But the sad thing is, I really do take him for granted. I mean, I call him my best friend. But best friends spend time with eachother. They talk to eachother. They listen to eachother! Well, I musn't be a very good friend then. Because I don't hang out with Jesus enough to know His voice. The good part, though, is that, even though one day April might suddenly think, "How stupid am I? She's never going to be the friend I am to her," and walk away -- Jesus will never do that. Jesus is your forever friend, he's my forever friend. Jesus is the forever friend.

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  1. SO TRUE! :)

    Great post!


  2. Wonderful post, emii!! You know just what to write about things!


  3. Awesome! I actually just finished reading this great book called "Letters To God", and it has greatly inspired me to continue with my prayer journaling. It's a great book, and if you don't mind a couple of sad parts, I'd recommend it to you! Prayer journaling is a very cool way that we can spend time with God.


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