Song: Cracks in the Road

I felt like writing a song while playing my guitar this morning and... this is what I got. :)

Walking across that broken road
Wishing time would heal.
Not understand reasons for things
that are happening to me...
To me.

You said it meant this, you said it meant that
I had nowhere to go
I wanted life to go faster
I thought time would show me the way
But here I am, nothing more today.

Then someone came and told me,
There is another way.
Not to do with time
And all to do with faith

He began to show me
And now I walk a different road
This one is smaller
But in a way it's easier
I don't get lost
Trying to avoid the cracks in the path.

Cuz as soon as I ask Him,
He brushes them away.


  1. What pretty lyrics. And what a pretty blog template!

  2. You're on a roll, Emii!

    Love, Abbie =D x0x

  3. That's cool, Emi!
    P.S. I really like the new template!

  4. Wow! Another song already? I'm impressed. hehe.

  5. Love it, emii! You should sing this one and post it too, I loved the other one. =)
    BTW, I love your blog template...the saying at the top is so true. =)

  6. Inspiring song! I wish I could hear you sing it :)


  7. Great Song Em. every time I try to write a song they always sound stupid.


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