Says the World

The world tells us stuff a whole different way than the Bible does. For instance -- the world tells us to get to the top, that it doesn't matter who we squash and exclude on our way up -- just GET THERE! That's what it seems to be about.

The Bible goes about life in a totally different way. It's not a competition. There's no top and bottom. We have a relationship with God, and we love others, listen to God... and do what He tells us to do. God doesn't want us to exclude or be mean to other people. So we shouldn't do that, even if it means we'll never be the most popular person in the school. That is SO not what life is about! Once we die and go to heaven to spend eternal life with Jesus Christ, my best friend -- what will you be able to look back on? The time the dorky kid had no friends and you just looked away like everyone else -- or the time the dorky kid had no friends and you were so totally nice to them and you became best friends? To be perfectly honest, well... I'm not perfect. HELLO. That's obvious. Yes, sometimes I go by the way of the world. I can't help it. The world, I guess you could say, manipulates us into doing what it wants us to do, instead of following Jesus and His way.

I still haven't figured out that, even if I did something really embarrasing one day -- it doesn't really matter. Ten years from now even -- will you really CARE? I don't get why I can't just realize that and live like God wants us to. Instead of the way the world tells us to.

I mean, I know that -- but it's just easier to live and act like everyone else, you know? Why be different? I know that sounds really lame. It's the truth, though. It's hard. I've always thought, "Hey, being a Christian's easy. Why are people always saying it can be hard because of peer-pressure and stuff?" And for me, that's not why it's hard. Well, it's not hard -- I mean, being a Christian. It's not supposed to be hard. God made it about as simple as He could for all of us to get into Heaven and recieve Eternal Life -- and a best friend. It's being different, being who God created me to be -- all the time.
It's something I need to learn, I guess. Anyone in the same place? I hope you've all had a great week, and don't forget about God and quiet times...:)


  1. Very well said, Emi. NIce post!
    I was wondering if you could maybe visit my writing blog sometime? Love to have you! : )

  2. I love that post Emii. I was in a time of my life like that, where I was just like, "it's so easy to follow, yet SO hard to stand out and do what actually is right". Finally, I figured out my priorities and I know you will do that soon too! Instead of following all the other girls and ignoring people who are 'different' I was friends with them. And guess what? The person who everyone else tried to avoid is my BEST friend, and it feels great. I realized what matters most, and that is STANDING out. I love it actually! For a time, I ignored people sometimes, but then I realized how hard and upsetting it is to be ignored. Now that I have been saved, and baptized, I realized that I am God's servant, and if I am truly following Him, I have to push the world aside. Honestly, you see celebrities, and some people are like "They have it ALL! They are sooo rich, beautiful, famous, just perfect. I want to be just like them"
    Wrong. I realized there is more to life than just perfect makeup, the coolest clothes, and the most friends...because, as you said, in the end--it REALLY doesn't matter!!!

    So yup, I hope this helps you Emii and everyone, and oh yes Emii you should check out Bookworms blog, she is A REALLY good writer and her posts are super understandable, so check it out!


  3. Almost to 100 followers! CONGRATS are you gonna do something special like a blog party or a giveaway or give all your followers free ice cream?

  4. Bookworm -- I'm visiting it now:D
    Annabelle, that is so true, and thanks soo much for sharing and giving me something to think about.:)
    Annie -- yes, there will be a big celebration because I've been waiting for a 100 followers since FOREVER. Seems like I've been in the 90's for months!!:D


  5. Awesome post, Emii! I know that not following the world is something I struggle with and I'm sure lots of other girls do too so you're not alone. I'd encourage you to just pray about this and maybe look for a book that might help you understand how you can only desire to follow Christ like Do Hard Things by the Harris brothers or Be The Change by Zach Hunter. Have a great week, Emii!
    Love in Christ,

  6. Hey Emii,

    Really good post:) Heaps of girls stuggle with that because everyone I guess, wants to feel accepted... :) I know I've stuggled with it:)

    Thanks for the encouragement:)

    Libby <3

  7. hahah,like the way I spelt "struggle?" lol, im so normal:P

  8. Chelsea -- thanks for the suggestions. I have "Do Hard Things" sitting in my bookshelf... I think it might be a good idea to go and read it.;)

    Libby -- LOL. Definitely normal.:P And thanks:)


  9. Hey Emii, that was a really good post! Something to think about...

    And yes, you should *totally* read Do Hard Things!!!!! 'Nough said. (otherwise, I would write a whole book on why you should)

  10. wow! that was a GREAT post!!!!

  11. I'm glad you like the music on my blog, Emii! I thought I needed some more upbeat music, but everyone seems to like the instrumental stuff.

    BTW: Love the new look. So cute!

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  13. Hey!!! This is Bleah... the Adam Young fan??? Thanks for the commet. I love your blog and I'm sooo totally following!

    What a pretty layout!

    With Love and Blessings,
    Bleah Briann @ blonde4christ.blogspot.com

  14. I can relate at times! We just get so caught up in life, we forget what really matters- God! Great post! :)


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