Quiet Times.. Again:P

How's that challenge going that I gave ya'll? (Gotta love the American slang:P) I have to admit, there were a few days there that I just didn't have my quiet time. I thought, "Okay, I really have to have quiet time sometime today." And then not end up having it. But then I did last night, and it was great. :) So don't worry if you've failed kind of miserably, too. We just have to keep trying, and honestly give it our best. I know I haven't been. I'll just keep you updated, I guess, and maybe wanting to give you good results will encourage me!;) 

Maybe you're stuck for what to do in your quiet times. I know some of you read Nancy Rue's blog. Well, I do, and right now she's doing this "Summer Journey -- Destination: God Confidence" over there. It's really cool, and every time she posts she gives us a task to do in our journals. It's really cool, and if you'd like to join in -- go to Nancy Rue's blog. It's really being helping me get closer to God, as well as learning more about myself... and the ways I'm like him. It's pretty awesomeee!! :D

Anyway, just wanted to write something.. Ohh! I'd like to give a special welcome to Libby; welcome back to the blogging world!;)


  1. hey:) thanks emii, its so awesome being back ahah:)

    ooh, i should visit her blog again... havent been there for months :/

    libby xx

  2. I am really loving the the Summer Journey. Emii I was just wondering if maybe you could come by my blog and follow me. Just asking. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the reminder again, Emii! I haven't done all that great on having devo/quiet time every day. But, oh well. I guess it's just something I'll have to keep working on. Have a great week!
    Love in Christ,

  4. btw, emii,,wheres the first post you did on quiet times.. cause I'd like to catch up:)

  5. Thank you for following me Emii.

  6. The Summer Journey had just been amazing! I really do enjoy Nancy Rue's blog.... and your blog, Emi! : )

  7. Emii-I agree! When we have our queit times things ROCK...but its just life always gets in the way...which is why I really need to try harder..and will! Thanks for the post. I have been doing Nacy Rue's journey..and it IS helping!

    Guest or Annabelle

  8. That can be hard for me too. I'll be going to bed and then I realize that I haven't read my Bible that day except for what I read in family devotions.


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