Movie Review: Old Dogs

Old Dogs is a new (Well, sort of. It's a new release here in Australia. America's probably had it out for ages!!)  movie starring John Travolta and Robin Williams. Like the cover says, "Hilarious! Fun for the whole family," this show has some real laugh out loud moments. (Isn't it stupid, when we actually mean LOL, we don't even write it!:P)

Old Dogs is about a guy and his bestfriend, who are making the biggest business deal of their entire lives. Buuutt -- that's when Dan's (Robin Williams) kids show up, along with the wife he divorced seven years ago.
She's going to jail for two weeks, and needs someone to take care of the kids.
After some incidents, Dan realizes he is going to be the one...

The LOL moments on this movie will really make you LOL. (Okay, I'm going back to laugh out loud. It just sounds better.) If you've seen this movie, or are going to watch it -- comment some of your favourite parts!! I'll post mine, too... after the jump thingy. So if you don't want to spoil the movie, don't click on it!!!(:

I give Old Dogs 4/5 Stars. It was a great movie.

Some of my Favourite Parts

When he went to the tanning place, and his almost black. That whole scene is just plain hilarious.

When the kids mess up the pills, and they spend the day with the Japanese people, while Dan and Charlie had hilARious side-affects because of the mixed up pills.

There were more, but that's all I can think of right now. These are ones my whole family laughed-out-loud during.


  1. hmmm never heard of it. I should check it out! :) Oh hey emii, I did that iPod shuffle thing! so funny!!! I put it on my blog! Click on the link to see it :)

  2. I saw that movie, LOL!!! I wanna see it again!

  3. oops no, it's girlzofmnyclrs.blogpsot.com
    soory about that :/


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