Listening to God

I haven't posted a lesson thing in awhile. I've been reading through Acts lately, and there's this one thing that really makes me think -- Paul does exactly what God tells him to do. He goes where God tells him to go, he says what God tells him to say. Even though people want to kill him, that doesn't really make a difference to Paul -- because he's doing what God wanted.

Try and imagine being Paul. There's this verse, Acts 23:11 --

The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said, "Take courage! As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome."

I don't about you, but if that was me? Would I be willing to risk my life and do what God told me to do?
Well, think of it like this. God created us, right? He created us for a purpose; we know that. But if we're not listening to him and doing what he commands us to do, well... what's the point? If you're not living for God, doing everything he wants you to do -- and not just the stuff that comes easy to you! -- the old routine gets kind of old.

Say, you're rich and famous. You go shopping, you perform concerts. You earn money, you do more shopping. You make another album, you spend more money.

If God isn't the main thing here, it's the same old routine, and there's just... well, no adventure, for one thing. God doesn't make life boring. But you have to listen to Him.
"Oh, yeah, but see, God doesn't talk to me." Oh, but he does! You really do have to listen. I struggle with this all the time -- "I mean, my life is SO busy, when am I going to have some time to just sit there in silence and talk to God?"

You have to make the time. God's the big, almighty One here -- not US! God, the  creater of the UNIVERSE -- is always ready to listen to you -- so how come we think we don't have to listen to him? We should be considering this an honour. Not something we have to do. It's like we're going about this in all the wrong ways.

So, I have a challenge for you all. And for me, too. Here it is:

Everyday this week (Even though it's Friday over here, and it's nearly the end -- just do it till next Friday, or Thursday or whatever it is for you!) find a quiet spot. Get your diary/journal, Bible, and a pen. (Coloured ones are awesome.. mine's got purple, pink, blue and green:D) And just sit there, listening to God. Read your Bible, write. Close your eyes. And try to do this, too -- don't let your mind wander. Try to just listen to God, whether it's through His love letter to us -- the Bible -- a feeling -- or actually hear Him speak to you. If your days are just totally full -- remember that God's days are never too full for you. Even if you have to get up at 4:30am to get some peace and quiet. (That actually doesn't sound too bad. I love doing quiet times in the early morning, when all I can hear is the birds tweeting, and watch the sunrise...)

You don't have to report back. You can if you want to. Just use this special time to focus on God. And, eventually, perhaps we'll learn to do this in everything we do.


  1. yess. i need to focus on God! thank you for this encouraging post.

  2. Lately I've been struggling with thinking that my life is "boring" but your post actually made me see that maybe I just think that because I'm not paying attention to what GOD wants me to do everyday! It could even be something as small as helping my mom make dinner. Great post, Emi; thanks! : )

  3. Wow! Awesome post, Emii!:) I really needed that because lately I've been really struggling to spend time with God on a regular basis and when I do it feels more like a chore to me and it shouldn't be this way. Spending time with God should be something I love to do and I know it's something I definitely need to work on. So thanks for the reminder to do this! Have a great week!
    Love in Christ,

  4. Love the blog, and no, not overdone with rainbows. Just as long as it describes your personality.

  5. hi emi! i did make the labels myself :)

  6. Hey Emii... I'm backk:) hows life? love the layout and all... did u make it:)???

    liby xx


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