mY liFe

It's been a busy week. First our school had a music recital, and me and one of my friends played "Stay Beautiful" by Taylor Swift on guitar. We were nervous beforehand, but fine once we got to the stage... well, except for the fact that my mind was wandering and before I knew it, I'd lost my place! I just pretended to play for a moment, until I found where we were up to. :P No-one noticed, though, so it was all good.

Then yesterday, (Friday) was the last day of school; for two weeks, that is. Not Summer vacation here yet, unlike you lucky American's! But we're halfway through the year now, and no school for two weeks.
We got our school reports back... and my parents and I had this agreement. If I got like, reallyyy good grades in my report, I'd get a good accoustic guitar. I already have my cheap purple electric one, but accoustic just sounds so much better! Anyway... we went to Maccas to get an ice-cream after school,  (I got an M&M McFlurry) and then we parked somewhere... and mum&dad started reading our reports. My brothers and sisters all got really good ones (You know, everything A+) and I tried reallyyy hard this semester to bring my grades up. (Last year, I was more like a C/D student.)

And guess what. I got A's and B+'s, I was so surprised and proud and happy!!!
I got my accoustic guitar when we got home (Was not expecting that) and played it for ages. Thanks mum&dad:)

...and I'm going to write some more songs. I'll post them for you all to read.:)

Hmm, so what else have I been doing? We watched some movies last night -- first, we watched Nancy Drew. It was scarier than I remembered!:P I'll have to post a review on it sometime.. we also watched one of my all-time favourite movies, RV -- Runaway Vacation. I know like, all the lines, and laugh at the stupidest things. There's this part, when they've just had dinner with the McGornakey's or whatever they're called, and the'yre trying to get away from them quickly... and they trip over the chairs. It doesn't sounds funny at all LOL, but I was in a tiredd mood the time I noticed it, and thought it was hilarious... I was in a very tired mood:P

..I made caramel slices last night. They look yummyy lolz! I'll have to post the recipe for them sometime, too. ...Haha, I love it how I can write a post about random stuff, and come up with so many more ideas for other posts! :)


  1. Congratulations on your guitar, Emi! That's great!
    By the way, caramel apples sound really good to me too!

  2. I have seen both movies. RV is okay...besides all the language (like the cussing) I liked it. Nancy Drew isn't really scary becuz I've seen it like 20 times! LOL

  3. I have seen some Nancy Drew Movies

  4. Hi Emii! I really like your blog. I got to it from a link on Nancy Rue's blog. I've been following it for a while now:)

  5. Yes, Yes, Yes! I will post about my blog design. In fact, that's what I planned on doing tomorrow or Friday.

    So, does Australia have snow and cold weather in the winter? I know, silly question.


  6. Emily -- cold weather? Yes. Snow? Not here. I know, how strange is that LOL. I wish!!

    Thanks, Miriam!:D

    Princess --awesome:D

    Brooklyn -- ahaha I've seen Nancy Drew a couple of times too... always late at night, it seems;)

    Thanks, Bookworm!:)


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