Like a Rollercoaster

Maybe you've heard the saying, "Life is like a rollercoaster". You know, how it goes up to a point, then suddenly, it just drops down, goes in a line for a while, goes back up, down again, blah blah blah.

And yeah, that's true. But there's another part of it -- trusting the ride. When we went to Movie World recently, we went on the Scooby Doo rollercoaster. I personally thought it was the best ride there, and I LOVED it. But there's a reason I loved it -- because I let go and just trusted the ride. Even though it was so freaky when we went backwards, and there was this one part where there was the tiny track for our car thing, and below us? The ground, about who-knows how many metres down there. We were in this warehouse place, our car just making the turn, at a high speed, just before we fell off the track. I was laughing at one point, because of all the turns and speed and tension and stuff.

If I'd been afraid the whole time that the ride was going to fail, something was going to go wrong, and that we were all gonna die, well, something tells me I wouldn't have enjoyed the ride. But something inside me told me that it was all gonna be okay, and I could just trust the ride!

And it's exactly the same in life. Things happen, that we're not sure of, or we don't know what to expect, or if it's going to break down or something -- but you just have to trust in God, that it'll turn out. Because if you spend the whole time -- your whole life worrying -- well, then how on earth are you going to enjoy the ride? Well, you're not. And that's when you start to miss out.

So remember. Trust God, that he'll guide you the right way -- and remember, like in my last post -- to follow him in His path for you -- and the directions he wrote specifically for you. And hey, when times get tough or scary -- it's okay to scream. I sure did, on those rollercoasters. :D


  1. Thanks for the post Ive have to do that a lot lately.

  2. sorry to rain on your parade but i'ev never got to go on a rollercoster. my dad was always to freaked out to let me go so my question is what if other ppl are holding you back?

  3. Wow Emii what an amazing point you made! It came at the PERFECT time too. I have some big performance thing coming up, and I am kinda..well pretty nervous about it! But that post reminded me, how will I enjoy performing, if I worry the whole time? Which is what I was doing...before I read this post. Thanks Emii, I needed to remember to turn to God more, and let it all out on HIM, not myself. Anyways, thanks!!!!


  4. Life is definitely like a roller coaster. Sometimes it slows down, and sometimes it goes on full speed!

  5. Hey, I've been on a really freaky rollercoaster before. If you've been to Disney World and on the ride Dinosaur. UGH!!! I cried on that one. If you go to my blog it says about when we went to Disney world. PS thanks for following!


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