Following God's Directions

Hey girlz,
Last night, I was writing in my diary, when this thought randomely crossed my mind:  We're all adventurers -- and God is kind of like our map.

We try to follow Him as best we can -- but sometimes, when something seems easier, we might take a shortcut, or a wrong turn. The road God's map says to take might be a bit bumpy and small, so we decide to turn around, back to the wide, smooth, easy one where there's lots of cars driving around -- so many that it's possible you'll crash. This is the road that is not a part of God's plan.

But then? You can always get back on track with God; you don't have to turn around and drive back hours along the road, so that you can get back to the place God wants you to be. No, you can get to the right road straightaway. Just tell that to God. He'll put you where you need to be.
So, you get back on track -- and start following the unique & individual path God has mapped out for each of us. And remember -- God gives you opportunities (Wow, that's a strange word -- look at how it's spelt. I think it's spelt like that -- I just googled it to make sure. Haha, now say "opportunities" five times. Are you wondering how someone made up that word?:P)

Anyway, as I was saying -- God gives us opportunities. He doesn't just say, "Here you go, Rebekah. Here's a ticket to see Justin Bieber in concert!" No. He'll give you opportunity to get a ticked to see Justin. Which, I think, sounds pretty awesome, don't you? ..apart from the fact that you'd probably be trampled from screaming fans :S

"Enter through the narrow gate.
For wide is the gate and broad is theroad that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.
But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it"
Matthew 7:13,14



  1. Thanks Emii
    My family is going on an adventures now days. for details visit my blog (i posted about it)

  2. Awwww!!! Emii, that was the best! GREAT.... no, SUPER GREAT post!!!

    love ya,
    Megan <3

  3. About your comment: I designed my own blog - like it? Hehehehe.


  4. Hey Emii,
    Thanks for posting on this! It's definitely something I personally struggle with. I mean, just letting God create the maps and let Him be in control of my destination. It's really hard to just let go and trustHim,but I've been working on it. Anyways, great job on that post!

  5. Great advice, Emii! Everyone loves good advice, right. hee hee hee hee!

  6. I loved that great & wonderful writing. No offense, but I don't really like Justin "BEAVER"!!! Sorry!!! But that actually had a great meaning! I loved that verse too.


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