Book Review ~ Real Life

It's here. The book, by Nancy Rue -- Motorcycles, Sushi and One Strange Book.

From page 1, I was thrown into the life of 15 year old Jessie, a girl with ADHD. The dad she always thought was dead? Well, he shows up -- and pretty soon, Jess is flying to Florida to live with him. A guy called Rocky, a half-sister called Wheezie? I have never read a book like this. I loved it; absolutely loved it. A definite 5 stars.  Oh, and don't forget that strange book. The Real Life series is something you do not want to miss.

I'd reccommend the book to girlz aged about 13-18, I guess. Definitely a teen read:)

Now, want to hear something cool about this series? Well, read on -- this is you'll find at the start of the book -- not in the story, but a note from Nancy Rue and the publishing company, Zondervan.

In the [Real Life] series, four girls are brought together through the power of a mysterious book that helps them sort through the issues of their very real lives. In each of these stories, the girls find the mysterious RL book exactly when they need it. And then, each girl leaves the book for someone else to find, knowing it will help the next person who reads it.

While the mysterious book in the RL series is magical, the actual [Real Life] books could be left in the same way for the next reader. Each book may need to be read by someone you don’t even know, or maybe you already know of someone who would really enjoy the book. Simply write a note with READ ME on it, stick it on the front of the book, and then get creative. Give it to a friend, or leave it at your church, school, local coffee shop, train station, on the bus, or wherever you know someone else will find it and read it.

No matter what your plan, we want to hear about it. Log on to the Zondervan Good Teen Reads Facebook page (www.facebook.com/goodteenreads under the discussion tab) and tell us where you left the book, or how you found it. Or, let us know how you plan to “Pass It On”. You can also let your friends know about Pass It On by talking about it on your Facebook page.

To join others in the Pass It On campaign, pick up extra copies of the [Real Life] series at your local Christian bookstores and favorite online retailers. AND, suggest the Good Teen Reads Facebook page to your friends! This is going to be fun!

How cool is this? I've never seen or heard of something like it before, and I can't wait to pass my book on, for somebody else to read. {Or I might buy a new one, and keep mine.. lolz.)
AND -- I thought of this other thing. When you're ready to Pass it On, put your first name and the country you live in on the inside cover of the book -- how cool would it be to have your book go all over the world?:)


  1. Great review! I can't wait for your review of the next Nancy Rue book!


  2. You're very good at describing books and making me want to read them! What book, if I read this series, do you suggest I start with? Thanks!

  3. I'd suggest the one I just reviewed, "Motorcycles, Sushi & One Strange Book". I've just started the next one, and it's about a totally different subject. Soon as I've finished, I'll review it!:)

  4. thats the coolest idea!i always leave a little bible on the plans and on the bus and stuff. but ill deffinutly half to check out that book! thanx
    love ya,

  5. They seem like very interesting reads. Really, any of Nancy's books are good!

  6. Can I request a book?It's called One Girl Can Change the World.
    God led me to this book in the Family Christian Store,and it was meant for me.Great review,by the way.I'll have to check that book out.

  7. I can't believe I never even read these comments properly. I am so check out that book, Savannah!

    Agreed, Bookworm!

    Ooh, good idea, mizpolkadot!


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