It's Been Awhile...First 5 COMMENTERS!

Hey girlz! So, it's been awhile since I've created new blog stuff, such as backgrounds, buttons & headers. SO -- I decided to create an Easter freebie for anyone who wants to use it... AND the first 5 commenters may order a complimentary header & background, whatever theme they wish... well, I make them free anyway -- but I don't really want to spend my entire life doing blog makeovers, so I don't really do them much. But I will, like now, occasionally give out offers like this:) And... I hope you like it!:)

Oh, and the background? Here's what to do:

Type in "background" by pressing CTRL + F until you see THIS:

Change it to THIS:

...which, you probably need the text for to cut and paste. But, you see, Laney at Got Freckles removed her design blog, which had the tutorial I used... but if you're already using a custom blog design, you probably already have the code, which means you just have to change the background URL -- which is, on the above picture, the place where the arrow is pointing to:)

If you have any questions/ want any help, just ask, because I know that directions were SO not clear, and I'm sorry bout that! :) 

And don't forget, comment to get a free background and header... BUT, you have to comment that you'd like it in your comment, that way I can give it to someone else if you don't like my blog designing.. just kidding ;) 


  1. I love freebies!
    I like you Easter background

  2. Oh and I would like to have a backround and header. THANKS

  3. Hey Princess,
    Sweet, I'll get started as soon as you tell me what you'd like:) You can leave a comment, or email me at girlz4god.G4G@hotmail.com :)

  4. Emii, could you make me one that works with me blogs name. My Blog's name is Pages From My Journal. You can look at my blog to see my subtitle.

  5. Niiiiice. Sweet freebie, Em!


  6. Thanks, Rach:)
    Princess -- sounds good, I'll check it out :D


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