I'm Back, I'm back!

Yes, I'm back. And I'm so excited. Well, happy, really -- to be home. My family and I went on a holiday for a week, and had a pretty good time -- but, like Dorothy says -- "There's no place like home!". And it is SO true. Welcome to my new followers, by the way! Thanks for visiting the blog :D And Abbie -- yupp, it has been awhile since I've posted, and thanks for dropping by again!:)

I've got to catch up on some emails and stuff, but I've got a couple of things in mind to post about -- including Rainbows and..ohh, I forget the other thing :P I'll remember it, though. :)


  1. Hey Emii,
    This is the guest that you wrote a sleepover ask Emii article on a while back, and I am SO sorry I never replied to it. It was GREAT advice, and I still enjoy it! Anyways, I wanted to say I am going to start commenting again on here, we have just been super busy, so I am so sorry! I love this blog. Oh and I know, we just got back from a week of vacation and I am so glad to be back even though it was a blast ;)!! Anyways, can't wait for your next post and thanks for doing the post of the sleepover troubles, it was so sweet of you to take your time and do that and I apologize for not replying :)
    Your blogger guest!

  2. Hey Emii,

    I am glad you want to be apart of Generation Pure. Now, I know you origionaly signed up for a newsletter, would you still be willing to do it if it was an online magazine?

    Let me know, Emii. Oh, and please go here to sign the form for Generation Pure if you already haven't yet http://thesilverbride.blogspot.com/
    (I haven't changes the URL name yet). Signing the form will help me keep track all who is participating!


    P.S. Who designes your blog? We're currently looking for someone to give Generation Pure a cool makeover, Let me know. Love ya!

  3. Hi Emii, it's been awhile since I last visited your blog and I'm sorry about that! I like your blog header and divider. Where did you get it from?

  4. Haha, the random ipod tag is possibly my favorite tag EVER. even if it bores people and nobody reads the whole thing, it's so fun to do! :)

  5. Ahh, comments! :D

    Thanks, Princess(:

    Heeyy, 'Blogger Guest'. You're very welcome, and hey, at least you replied now! I'm so glad it helped(:

    Emily -- Oh, sure, I'm still willing to, online magazine sounds cool as! :D
    Oh, and 'Who designs your blog?' Louise at Adori Graphics designed and made my awesome header, and I made my background.. hmm. I don't have a blog button anymore, do I?! Oops, I'd better make one! :D

    Hey Elizabeth J, thanks for coming by again! Like I said to Emily, Louise at Adori Graphics designed the header.. ohh, and this may be a stupid question (:P) but what do you mean by divider? Do you mean the heart things on the sidebar? :)

    LOL, Laney, I know! Sometimes it's nice just to have something to laugh about :D

    Again, thanks for all your totally awesome comments, it's been ages since I've got to write a big comment in reply!! :D


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