Hey girlz,
So, technically, it's Easter Saturday here in Australia -- but it's Good Friday for all you American's. And since blogger wasn't working last night, I couldn't do the post I was going to do. Which means that I'm going to do it now:)

On Good Friday, 2000- and something years ago -- Jesus was arrested. But that wasn't all. The same day, one of his best friends -- Peter -- told people -- three times, in fact -- that he had no idea who Jesus was. How would you feel if one of your best friends told people they didn't know who you were? I mean, and Jesus knew this before it even happened. I don't know how I would feel after that.

Then they took Jesus, on the cross, nailed his hands and feet into it -- and this is what gets me. He was dying for us. Dying. Why? Because we've done bad stuff in our lives. As in, everyday.

You see messages on Facebook and stuff, saying, I would die for my best friend, and stuff like that. Why? Because to them, their best friend is an amazing person. They do good things for eachother.

But Jesus didn't die because we did good things for him. Ah, no. He died for our sin. Would YOU die for someone who tried to kill you? I mean, I'm sorry, but I don't think I could do that.

Maybe this will help you understand a little more what exactly happened then. And why. :)


  1. Hey emii,

    AMAZING post!
    The past couple of Easters I've just been like, "Yeah, I KNOW Jesus died on the cross for me and all that, why do you keep bringing it up?"

    But this year I went to an Easter play at my church, and when the guy playing Jesus stumbled by with a crown of throns on his head and blood on his back, it was like a slam in the face for me. I started crying, realizing that Jesus really did suffer through all that for ME, and that MY sins had put him on that cross with nails in his hands and feet.

    God is AMAZING!!!

    Mikayla =)

  2. Thanks so much Mikayla, I totally get what you mean! :D

    Thanks, Revotourgirl! :)



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