In Australia, today is ANZAC Day. Which, if I'm remembering what our grade 3 teacher taught us correctly -- means "Australia & New Zealand Army Corps" ...*googling it*...yupp, I was right.

Anyway. What do we do on this day, exactly? We remember the soldiers who fought for our country. Some boys even lied about their age -- they weren't 18 yet -- so they could fight for their country. They weren't forced to; they wanted to fight for their country.

Many of them died; actually, when the soldiers were entering Galipolli, they came around the wrong part -- and the soldiers they were fighting against saw them coming, and got a head start on the shooting. Imagine that...

I have a question for you. What is the point of war's, and fighting, and killing? I mean, how does it help? I don't really get what fighting can solve. If you're not getting along with one of your friends, well, as far as I can see, starting a fight is not going to be solving anything...

So, if you have an answer to my question, please comment it. I'm curious:)

Some other things we do on ANZAC Day? Well, we eat Anzac Biscuits (Cookies, if you're American :P) ,which originated from back then in the war, when the wives of the husbands had to send something to them that would not break or go off by the time it reached them. Back then, if you bit into an ANZAC biscuit, your teeth probably would've fallen out. But the recipe has changed, obviously. And they're soo yummy.

But if you were wondering, M&M Cookies are my favourite, which it says on my profile... they're soo yummy:) ...that was a bit off-topic, sorry! :P

And the one other thing we do today is have a minute of silence. 11am, I think it is. Where everyone in Australia stops whatever they're doing for 1 minute -- whether they're shopping, cooking, talking, at school, at church, at work -- and just stops and remembers what these men and boys did for our country...


  1. Anzac Biscuits sound like what soldiers here in the U.S used to eat. I believe the called it Hard Tack. I love learning about history, and I really enjoyed reading this post.

  2. Wow! I didn't even know that Anzac day existed, but it sounds really cool especially the minute of silence. It's hard to imagine a whole country being silent for one minute. *sigh* It sounds too good to be true. But, anyways, in answer to your question I'll give you the best answer I have. I think it's like this. You know how when something's bugging you and it boils inside of you because you didn't talk about it? Well, I think it's like that only talking didn't help it only made things worse so they had to take the next step in order to keep people from being constantly divided over something they fight each other I guess until someone wins or they decide that they whole thing is really stupid so they stop fighting. That's the best explanation I have so I hope that made some sense. Hope this helps!


  3. Hey Emily -- Ahh, yes, that's what they were called, thanks for refreshing my memory :D I'm glad you enjoyed the post:)

    Hey Chelsea,
    Ohh, thanks for your explanation on my question, it makes a lot of sense to me, and I totally get what you're saying. Thanks!:)


  4. i don't know why ppl (people) fight it's pointless realy i mean over what oil,(doing the dishes) money? is that realy something you would KILL over? if it is im sorry for you.for me i realy am just gonna get in troble anyway + it's tiering anyway TONS of ppl died like you said y? like you said em.kay gotta go,


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