A Shout Out

Hey girlz! So, there hasn't been too much comenting lately. What I want to know is, are you still there? I have 75 followers (Thankyou!) but I miss the days when I'd get, like, 20 comments some posts. I know some of you just don't have the time for blogging sometimes, but if you comment at my blog, I always go and hang out at your blog for a while!
If you can, do you think you could just give a shout-out in a comment, saying hey or whatever? Lol! I know you've been using that chat box thing -- cuz, let's face it, it's so much quicker and easier to use it! But it would be cool if you could comment every once in a while, too. Lolz:)

Also, I was wondering -- what would you like to see around Girlz 4 God? It's been the same for awhile, with nothing new... so brainstorm away!

Oh, and one more thing! Lisa Samson, author of the Hollywood Nobody series, which I did a book review on a few weeks ago -- has agreed to do a mini-interview for this blog, so if you could send/comment some quesions for her, that would be awesome! Thankyou! :)



  1. Hey, Emii! I really enjoy reading your blog. I read it everytime you post. I just don't always comment ;)


  2. hey emii i still am following you! i love your blog!

  3. Hey emii,

    I always read your posts, I just don't always comment. I'll start commenting more though! =D I sure wish I had as many followers as you...I have 4, and comments are a rare thing. =(


  4. Hey, Emii! i clicked on your name on the tween blog just wanted to check it out! this is pretty cool!
    Do you really live in Australia!?!?

  5. Emii I like your blog the way it is.
    sorry i have not commented in a while.

  6. Thanks for commenting, girlz :D i loove reading them:)
    Patti -- thanks for coming:) and yes, i live in australia.. and no, i dont ride a kangaroo to school:P
    ...thanks princess:)

    I haven't been doing too good a job of keeping up with everyone's blogs, either... :(


  7. Hey Emii, I'm not very good with the upkeeping of others blogs and can hardly update my own! =D I do read yours when I've the chance though.

    Would you ask Lisa Samson how old she was when she got published?


  8. Hey Emii, Luv your blog! I just found it the other day and have been reading it since! If you ever have a chance, check out my bog as well, I'm a young Christian and just recently started my blog. God bless-

  9. Thanks for the question, Abbie!
    Hey Mary,
    Thanks for following and reading, I'll check out ur blog now! :D



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