Self-Image and Stuff

Okay. When you look in the mirror, what do you think? And, more importantly – why do you think it? Do you think you’re fat, even though you’d never particularly noticed before – that is, before your so-called “best friend” pointed it out in front of the class? Or when you look in photos, is there a problem with your nose – does it look too long at the angle which the camera is directed at? Do your ears poke out waaay too much, so you look a bit like one of Santa’s elves?

Or maybe it’s a part of your personality; maybe someone’s told you that you talk to much – or that you never talk. I think that, when this happens, whenever you’re babbling on, or just thinking to yourself – that thought won’t leave you alone. Maybe you’re convinced you could never be good at this thing, because people keep saying it, and it’s almost like you can’t make people think you’re any different. Wanna know why? Because you’re you. And if people are critiquing your very own, special, unique personality? Well, maybe they have insecure feelings about their own, and feel the need to take it out on yours. How wrong is that? But you have to remember that God created you like you. If that makes any sense. He gave us our personality’s. Sure, some people are loud and not afraid what to say. And sure, some of us spend a little more time thinking about what to say, before we actually say it. There’s no right or wrong; who cares what people say. Even though it’s definitely easy to let ourselves care... there’s only one thing to do, I guess. Ask God to help you.

Of course, there is such a thing as “constructive criticism”. Like if someone says to you, “You know, Claudia, you say ‘um’ a lot when you present at the front of the class.” They’re not {I hope} saying you suck. They’re trying to help. But then, they could rephrase it in a better way – something like, “Hey, Claud. Maybe when you’re presenting, you could try using different words, instead of just ‘um’... I’m not being mean, just helping!”

Okay, I have to interrupt myself here, and say, that would offend me. Call me sensitive, I’d spend ages thinking about it. And I probably wouldn’t be feeling very nice toward that person for the time being. Which is why, when you’re giving it out yourself, you have to be really careful on how you give it. Actually, I don’t give it much, because I can’t find a way to say it in a way that would let them understand what I’m trying to say. If you have any ideas, let me know! :)

And remember. You won’t miraculously not care when people criticise you. But God will give you opportunities. And when they come, you get to decide what to do; will you care, and spend hours going over something that is “wrong” with you? Or will you say, “Oh, really? Thanks, but no thanks. I’m cool just how I am... I don’t need your approval to be me. I mean, hello, when I was born, I don’t think my major goal in life was to change myself in order to make this person happy. Because, uh, we’re human; are we ever completely happy with something?


  1. Emii,

    Amazing post! Loved it! I am new to blogging, I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me and even left a comment.

    I often look in the mirror and think, "I hate the shape of my nose. It's so weird!" This post will make me think again when I go to critize myself. Thanks again for such a wonderful post!


  2. Emii--

    thanks for sharing! i really needed that right now...no joke, i have been thinking about changing my 'image' a lot lately. but it's not all about your image. you need to let ppl see the Christ in you--that's what makes you beautiful.

  3. Wow! You basically were describing me. I would do something like, laugh really weird then I would think... did I just do that? I hope they don't think I'm like a geek . but what you just said really helped me, Thank you for reviling to me that I am not weird I just unque, and that’s just the way God wants it.  thank you so much!



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