~*Mini-Interview*~ Katrina Burgoyne!

Hey girlz! So, today I had the privelige of interviewing Katrina Burgoyne, who is a singer-songwriter a little like Taylor Swift. Click HERE to be taken to her website... which she created herself! There are four songs available to listen to there, be sure to hear them!  Oh, and also click HERE to go to her YouTube page. :)

So, you like computer stuff? Me too! What first got you into photoshop, website designing, etc?

I love photoshop and web design, it was something I accidentally stumbled across. It all started because I wanted to make "nice looking" emails. I started with Microsoft works and from there on I progressed to photoshop then on to html emails and web design. I don't claim to be a pro as I'm self taught of corse. However I manage my own website and a few up and coming artists such as Dan Murphy. I am also about to launch Bill Chambers website. It's another outlet for me to continue being creative but allow myself to rest my brain from pure songwriting.

I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift. Would you say your music is similar to hers, or more to a different artist?

You know the crazy thing I love about music is when an artist comes through and sounds like nobody I have ever heard before. I think great examples of this is Missy Higgins, Sheryl Crow, Kasey Chambers, Taylor Swift and the list continues. As i listen to my unreleased debut album I find it hard to compare my music to anyone, only my fans and supporters can decide if I will make the same class as the artists I have just mentioned but for me I just want to make great music and hope that the rest of the world can enjoy it with me.

You play guitar. I was wondering, do you play any other musical instruments?

 My first instrument I learnt was the Piano, which I will always have an everlasting passion for. Through out the years I have dabbled in instruments such as: Clarinet, Saxophone, Mandolin and Banjo. But I wouldn't saying I can play them well. You can see my limited Banjo efforts and have a good laugh on www.youtube.com/katrinaburgoyne

Besides singing and computer stuff, what other hobbies do you have?

hmm I have to say nothing. Most of my time gets split between working on my craft (Songwriting, Singing, learning songs or business stuff) the rest is me trying to make new friends on my social networking sites and share my music with new people. I love watching movies and I just went through a stage of reading the classic books like Pride and the Prejudice and Jayne Arye. At the moment I'm spending alot more time on the piano, I have been inspired to learn how to play it like a pro. I'm far from the pro but I am playing it. :)

If you became world-famous, what would you do?

I don't think world famous would change me, I love working with younger girls and hopefully inspire them. I believe no matter who you are, where you come from or how much money you have in the bank you can do anything you dream of as long as you want it bad enough.

Right now, are you living in Australia or America? And what was it like when you got to go to America for your music?

I recently moved 10 hours south, from Brisbane QLD to the Central Coast NSW. The move is so I can be closer to Sydney and more central for gigs and promoting my debut album.
America was mind blowing, I spent 1 month in Nashville writing and meeting with the top publishing companies. After coming back from there I learn who I was as an artists and for the first time 100% believed in myself and trusted myself enough to dive head first into this business.

Katrina, thankyou SO much for answering the questions, and I'm really looking forward to your album coming out! And girlz -- remember to tell your friends about her, too. :)


  1. That was such a nice 'mini-interview'.
    I enjoyed reading the answers!!! =D


  2. wow how did you get the interview? that's awesome!

  3. Thanks, Rach and Olivia! And I got the interview just by sending her an email:)

  4. that is sooo cool emii! i heard her sing she sounds a ton like Taylor Swift.

  5. Nice interview! I'll check out her website! :)


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