Book Review... A Different Time

I came across this book at school. Now, I'm not usually the type to read books about history. You know, all those facts and stuff, can get a bit boring. Same as another book I was reading for school -- which I'll be doing a book review for soon, btw.

But when you read these books, your brain will discover that it actually has an interest in the way things used to be, and what it was like back then. At least, I've found, that's what my brain does. Even if it does take me forever to actually get into it -- I have some books in my bookshelf, like Jane Eyre (Wait. Is that the book name or the author? I get confused, cuz I'm pretty sure there's two people in the book world called Jane!) and Emma, and those type of books...oh, yeah, I just remembered the other Jane -- Jane Austen. Which one is the book, which one's the author? LOL.
Here's the description blurb thing from the book:

London, 1847. Having fallen from the comforts of wealth and luxury, John Charlesworth and his wife, Catherine, are struggling to support their family through the dark times of poverty and rampant illness. After losing his job and seeking desperately for a way out of their destitution, John reluctantly indentures himself and his family to a wealthy squatter in the distant town of Port Philip, Australia. But their journey is not without its share of hardships...or tragedy.

Read the fascinating tale of an immigrant family who, amidst their loneliness in a strange, new country, work hard toward building a better life for themselves, in a different place, in a different time.

It's been a while since I've read the book -- but I do have a copy of it in my bedroom, so I should read it again sometime... let me know if you decide to buy it, maybe we could have a discussion group about it or something... :)
This book is the kind that focuses on everyone -- you know, each main character has a turn narrating the story. I like these books, because you get a feel of what each character is thinking -- really  thinking, not just what another character assumes -- and, also, you get to see things from different angles. Of course, if you have a favourite character, it can get a bit annoying, and in other books, I actually have skipped to the interesting characters' turn in narrating :P
..Ohh! I just realized something. I was staring at the front cover of the book, thinking, "Now, what IS with the power lines on the picture? What do THEY have to do with the story?" ..but, as I've just figured out, they're not power lines at all. It's a BOAT. Du-uh, Emii. It takes me a while to figure these things out sometimes. Don't you love the moment when you realize something totally obvious? xD
Anyway, you can go to the author's website by clicking Here... and if you end up reading the book, I hope you enjoy it! It's relatively new, but it should be in America.. I think. If not, just order it online, LOL. :)


  1. I'll have to check it out...it sounds good!

  2. hey em do u have the one we read in skool or did u acctualy buy a copy?

  3. Awesome, Mik :D
    ..haha, the one we read in school, lolz. We were supposed to hand it in, but oh well.. :)


  4. lol wish we got a cool copyloike that 2 read
    luv jordi

  5. i love history. hehe... jane eyre was the book (by charlotte bronte) and jane austen's the writer. i just finished reading pride and prejudice.


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