i'll miss u.

One of my friends, Mik, is moving. We'll miss you, Mik!:( On the weekend, we had a totally cool goodbye party for her -- and we didn't go to sleep all night. We were so proud of ourselves ;P What'd we do all night? Weell, first we watched the Hannah Montana movie (Go da cowboy!:P) and sung along to all of the songs. After that, we went on MSN and stuff for a couple of minutes, before we decided to watch My Sisters Keeper. Have you seen that movie? It's soo sad...

By then, it was like, 1am or something, I'm not sure. We'd been eating all night -- we had fish & chips for tea, and then junk food like M&M's, white TimTams (Wait, you don't have TimTam's in America and other places, do you? Hmmm..) Oh, and of course, our trademark food -- SaKaTa's! (Go SaKaTa!:P) ...and stuff like carrot sticks with dip. Like, really -- you need to have something healthy, after all that rubbish. :S

Then, at, like, 2am or something (Of course, I'm probably getting all the times totally messed up) we decided to play Buzz. I was the green one, in case anyone's interested. Oh, and Hannah kept going, "Who am I?" like, every time. :P We played that for like, 2 hours (Mik and one of my other friends went and did their makeup. The rest of us thought that was hysterical. Don't ask me why; when you're that tired, you laugh at anything.) THEN, like, almost 2 hours later, we decided to watch the Lizzie McGuire movie. Don't you just hate that Italion guy? ...don't you just LOVE Gordo? :P

Then, when THAT movie finished, the five of us who had stayed awake all night (Two of them slept for like, 6 hours) went to the kitchen, and got the Sorbet and put it into cups, then went out and watched the sunrise on the balcony. Totally cool! :D ..and don't you just love Sorbet? It's so much yummier... and healthier than ice-cream...oh, and more expensive too...lolz.

We went out the back -- it was like 6am now... and played that Todem tennis thing, whatever it's called. You know, where you hit the tennis ball back and forth..well, Google it if you have no idea what I'm talking about :D
Oh, yeah, and we also put ice and water all over the others who were sleeping, hahahaha.

As soon as everyone left that afternoon? I fell asleep -- at, like, 2:30pm -- then woke up at 10pm -- then went back to sleep -- and woke up the next morning at 7am, lolz!

What an awesome weekend. I'm still kinda tired, though. And when I'm tired, I go a bit hypo, and laugh at random stuff. It's reallyyy exhausting. :)

Well, hope you enjoyed reading about my weekend!:)



  1. heyy emii aww ill miss you lots and the weekend was so much fun :) ily xx i g2g and pack cozz mum is yelling at me and now im not alowed on my laptot tomoro :(

    love mik xxx

  2. LOL to go watch the sunrise over here, you'd have to be bundled up from head to toe!

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

    Love, Abbie =D

  3. That's sounds awesome!! Me and my friends' record is like 4:30! On my twelth birthday party we watched all three pirates of the carribean movies!! lol! It was fun
    What are timtams?? They sound good!
    I'm glad you and your friends had fun. I know it's hard when your friends move away. I've had experience with that.... :(
    love ya!

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