So, first there was that huge earthquake in Haiti -- which I didn't even post about -- what with that, Emii? But now? Last night, there was a HUGE earthquake in Chile last night. I don't know where exactly that is, but as of two minutes ago, the death toll has rised to 150. And, according to an article I read this morning, the eathquake was 500 times more powerful that the one in Haiti.

Oh, and now? All countires and places on the Pacific ocean have been issued a tsunami watch. This includes Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan... and a whole heap of other places. If you want to read more about this,"Earthquake Chile" in Google, going to "Latest News".

...I'm not asking you to go out there, to those places. But seriously -- the least you can do is think about them, pray for them. But think -- what else can you do? Listen to God -- and if He's telling you to do something to help them, well, I say, go out there and do it! (Oh, but if he's telling you to go out there? Um, I'd reccommend getting permission from your parents... duuh. :P)

These stories are all over the news right now... oh, and I hope you're all safe -- and, please, stay clear of the beaches, if you've got tsunami warnings where you live! :)



  1. YAh it was very sad we had freinds down there

  2. oh, yeah I heard that too...so horrible. the tsunami was actually coming toward Hawaii, one of our US states...but as of today, the news said that it wasn't strong enough, an so it's not dangerous. better safe than sorry though.


    btw, Emii, if you have time, could you please check out:

    www.missionmindedteens.webs.com ? Thanks!

  3. Wow earH quakes eavery where.............if I mess up on this page it's cuase I am using my moms I pod these things are cool!!!!!I have never used one before can u believe that???????
    I have friends who have friends in Haiti..... Thier duaghter whent to help with Cure international ,so she has had the excperience of helping poeple she cried when she told the church about it.......I would too,cool blog !!!!!


  4. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog, Emmi.

    I play an acoustic Martin Guitar - that I got for Christmas a couple of years ago. I really like to play it.

    Yeah~ it was easy to get obsessed with Nick Jonas, and hard to get away from it - but now I'm glad that I did! LOL.

    I'm following you...



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