"Dear Emii" Advice

Hey girlz! So, it's been a couple of days since I posted, (But it feels like forever for me!) and I'm back. School started this week, and so far, I'm loving it. It's waaayyy better than last year:)

Now, to today's advice question -- and you're probably wondering about this yourself.

dear emii,
I need your help! For a while now, I've been struggling to want to do my devotions and spend time with God. I mean, I usually do it, but I do it because it's a good thing to do and not because I have a true desire to do it. I don't know what to do. Please help!

I think this is how most people feel. It's like, we want to hear God, we want him to answer our prayers. We want him to TALK to us. Oh, and yeah. Why isn't he listening to us?

For the last couple of weeks, my family has been doing this thing where you sit still -- without iPod's, computers, TV's, books, whatever -- and you're just.... there. Sometimes I spend a couple of minutes just talking to God about random stuff. But then, once I'm done -- that's when I listen. Or, at least, try. When we started, my mind wandered to things my mind considers more interesting than waiting for God to talk to him, or at least give  me something.

But I'm getting better. Yeah, sometimes I still find it boring, and think about other stuff. But other times? I just want to hear God, and stay till he gives me something. Focus on Him. Not that he's actually ever had a conversation with me -- how weird would THAT be? Cool, but weird. :D

So, to have a "true desire" to do stuff like devotions and everything? Well, I'd start from scratch: Do the 5 minute thing. Just set apart 5 minutes at night (Or in the morning, I guess, if that works better for you). Some days, you might feel like doing a devotion, and yeah, go for it. But don't do it just because you HAVE to.

In fact, here's something else you can do -- Ask God to give you the desire to want to talk to Him, focus on Him, do devotions, read your Bible... because it's totally true. God DOES answer prayer. Yay! :D

Weell, girlz, I hope this helps. And now? I'd better get ready for school... hope you're all having an awesome year so far!:)



  1. you know emii, i never realized - you're in Australia so you're starting school as we're almost ending it (2-3 months more in USA).
    so sorry my friend!! DUH!! don't know where my brain went - it obviously likes taking breaks right when i don't want it to!! LOL
    very good answer by the way... you get some tough ?'s girl but you handle them so well!!!
    hugs and God Bless!!!
    Jessica Faith

  2. Cool, Emii :)
    Hey you getting my invite to my Girls of Hope blog???? I've sent it to both emailsss...........

  3. Thanks, Jessica :)
    Thx, Libby...oh,yes, I'm getting them -- I've just gotta find a spare moment! :D


  4. Hey Emii,
    Thanks for that post! It really helped me a lot and I will try that doing your technique (I think I spelled that right hehe.). Thanks again!:) U Rok, girl!!!:)


  5. Today I got a very inappropriate comment on here, so from now on there will be word verification... and moderation on this blog. I know it's kind of annoying, but I need this to stop.

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  7. I awarded you!! Go check it out on my blog:D

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  8. Hi Emii,

    Your post at Adori Graphics was so incredibly sweet! I am so glad I inspired you to get creative!

    One thing sorely neglected on my blog is my faith. I hope to be better about that. I appreciate your bold faith written about here. Our God is so good, huh?


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