Book Review: Hollywood Nobody

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! :)

The other day, I borrowed "Hollywood Nobody" from the library. It's written by Lisa Samson, and I loved it!
Scotty Dawn and her mum travel around the country in an old RV. Which sounds like a pretty cool story in iteself, right? Scotty is also the author of an anonymous blog, named Hollywood Nobody. And, of couse, since I also write a blog (Obviously. What else would this be called? :P) this book was just written for me, right? Yeah, and it was also written for YOU. I mean, really. Scotty's life is most likely very un-like your own, yet in many ways? You'll relate to her so much!

As most of you probably know, I'm writing my own book right now -- and the way Lisa wrote this book reminded me of a couple of things.

1. I need to have someone who is NOT on my main characters side; maybe to take the guy she likes away from her, humiliate her, whatever -- make sure you have that person. There's a fancy name, but I forget what it's actually called. ;)

2. A secret, or something that keeps the reader reading. Because if the book just flows along like a normal day of a normal person? Well, you might like it -- but it doesn't really provide the same motivation and interest, does it?

3. A surprise twist -- which can usually link to the secret -- makes the reader think, and go, "Oh, yeah! I can see how that would go, although I totally didn't think of it."

I did think that the "secret" was revealed in a little bit of a rush, though. Or maybe it was that the person revealing it didn't do a very good job of telling the story...on second thought, it IS part of real life -- some people just can't mix words. And I'm NOT talking about Lisa -- hello, she wrote the entire novel. And the rest of the series, which I haven't yet read, but am staring across the room at #2 right now. I was talking about Jeremey, one of the characters in the book -- and you'll know who he is as soon as you read the book. :)

So, what are you still doing here? (I hope you're still here, anyway!) Don't go, that's not what I meant :P What I mean is, quick quick, go get a copy of the book!

Oh, and I'd better post the...hmm, what are they called? I need to do a little research on the terms for the things! I'll just post them, and you can figure out (Or maybe even comment? The word has escaped me!) what term it is exactly that I'm thinking of!
"Hollywood Nobody is going to be somebody to watch! Lisa Samson takes YA fiction right off today's blogs and fills it with her wonderfully quirky characters that work their way into their hearts."
-- Neta Jackson, author of The Yada Prayer group novels.

         "One of the most powerful voices in Christian fiction" -- Publishers Weekly
   "I love Lisa's fresh, entertaining style and the way Scotty and Charley bounce off the page. Please tell us there will be more!" -- Robin Jones Gunn, best-selling author of the Christy Miller Collection (LOVE those books, btw!
  "How does she do it? Lisa Samson takes us into a world we can only guess about AND into one we know all too well. Her combination about Hollywood and teen is wacky and real, hilarious and heartbreaking. Don't miss the ride." -- Nancy Rue, author of the Lily, Sophie, and Nama Beach High series (Not to forget the Lucy & Sullivan Crisp novels!)

The book was everything those reviews say, and more! (Yes, I found the word; review :P)
Hope you enjoyed reading...:))

Luv,Emii (Oh, wait. There's a signature after this post. It's a habit -- I always have "Luv,Emii" twice, don't I?)


  1. sounds awesome!!! i will totally have to get that from the library!!! =)

  2. oh sound sooo cool u post the coolest stuff!!love~bethhappy hhearts day!!!<3<3<3<3

  3. hey! thanks for the comment on mine :) just so you know, the person against the protagonist, is the antagonist :)

  4. Thanks for the comment - and I've been meaning to read that Hollywood Nobody book .. Melody Carlson just came out w/ a new one but I forgot the title.

  5. Like Al said - it's protagonist (main character) and antagonist (the 'bad guy' against the main character). :)
    are you still working on Cadia?

  6. heyy emii have u found the third one yet or do u no wgere i can get it?
    xx jordi


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