Oh yeah! 1 year!

Hey girlz!
I was woken up this morning by mum, telling me I have to go to the dentist this morning. I have to get a filling. Grr. I hate going to the dentist. It hurts, and it feels horrible:( Anyway, then I went on my laptop for a second when I realized something -- it's 27.01.10 here in Australia and that means one thing. It's....

Girlz 4 God's
1st Blogversary!

..Okay, now that I've changed the font (Isn't it just so annoying when you do something to look all nice, then it takes like, a couple of minutes to change it back to normal? Yeah, lolz :P), I have to decide what to post on.

I remember the very day I created this blog. I'd just discovered Nancy Rue's tween blog...and her website. How did I find that, you're probably not wondering? (:P) Weeelll, I was trying to find as many of my favourite authors as I could, so that I could write to them. Nancy certainly surprised me; she replied (Her response wasn't only a line long, either.) I don't know if I ever  said thanks to her, so, Thanks, Nancy! (I don't think she reads this blog, but hey, if she ever does...hmm. I think I used the word "she" a tad too much. I hate it when people refer to me as "she" when I'm in the room. Probably because people spend their lives correcting people of it.)

Now. Have I been babbling on too long about nothing? I sure hope not... :)

So, what am I reading right now? The Katie Welden series, by Robin Jones Gunn. I'm up to the third one (That's all there is right now...) and they're AWESOME! You've read the Sierra Jensen and Christy Miller series', yeah? Well, I know that some of you have. We were gonna do a book study (Remember? The idea I thought of a million years ago, and we STILL haven't started?!) on them, but yeaah.

And, we all know who Britt Nicole is. Or maybe you don't... in which case, I'll have to post a video of one of her songs! Only thing is, I can't decide which one... hmmm... I used to have one of those awesome iPods, btw, but it started annoying me everytime I went to my blog, hehe. But I love the ones on your blogs, girlz, because I like listening to the songs you have. Just not on my blog, cuz I don't have anything new for me to read :P ...if that even made any sense.

This song is called "Don't Worry Now". It's a pretty slow one, but I love it. It's encouraging... like most of Britt's stuff... and just makes me feel happy:)

Such a beautiful song:)

Now, I have something for you. A challenge. It's something my families been doing for like, a week or two or something. You could do this with your whole family -- or just by yourself. No rules or anything, no sweat.

At the end of the day (Weeelll, you can do it at anytime of day, of course. This is just when we do it) go somewhere comfortable, close your eyes and...well, you're supposed to try and listen to God, but I talk. I just tell Him heaps of stuff about whatever, and then I say, "Okay, God, I'm gonna try and hear you now. If you want to say something, I'm listening..."  Or something like that. For 5 minutes. Or more, if you want. Sometimes you need a bit longer, sometimes you just don't. Think you can do that? It's not for me, it's for God. Even just give it a try. Don't let it become one of those, "Ohhh, I just wanna go to sleep, and now I have to do this?" No waaayy. Just have your quiet time while you're lying down in bed. That's what I did last night. :)

I feel like I have so much I could write to you girlz... last night, after I'd had my quiet time, I felt, like, excited. I couldn't figure out why. You know that feeling in your tummy when you're excited? It was weird but... well, I think that it was God. While I was having my quiet time, I was listening to "Time After Time" on my iPod, sung by Eva Cassidy. Also by Cyndi Lauper, but this ones not. I don't really listen to Eva in the day that much, but for nighttime,trying to get to sleep? It's fabulous.

So, while I was listening to it, I started to think that the voice singing was words that God was saying to me. Maybe it was my over-active imagination. But maybe it was God. Here are the words that stuck to me:

If you're lost,
You can look,
And you will
Find me,
Time after time.

If you fall,
I will catch you,
I will be waiting,
Time after time.

:) And, before I go, I just have to thank every single on of my readers. Hello, you're awesome! I've known some of you for a year now (You commented on my first post!) like Abbie and Chelsea, my first readers. (At least, first commenters.) And girlz I met later on (Like Libby and Chelsea and Rachel T) and girlz that I'm just beginning to get to know. But, thanks again. You ROK! :D

Happy Blogversary, everyone.



  1. hey congrats on a year!! I hope you can keep up your blog for many long years :)!

  2. Congratulations on one year!!! :)

  3. Hey Emii,

    Congrads!! That's really cool :) And, I adore that song -- I LOOOVE it!!! It's like -- always touching me :)

    Those words you heard are way cool.. you should put that in one of your books or something ;) BTW, livii still goin'?

    Yehh, britt nicole's probably gonna stay my fave for a looong time ;)

    Congrads again -- wouldn't be cool if we were still doing this when we where like 25 or something? lol
    Libby x

  4. Thanks, girlz!
    And, Libby, it would be SOO cool if we were still doing this when we were 25 or something :D

    Yepp, Liv's still going... I won a makeover thing from April at April Showers, so I'm waitin' for that then Liv'll be back :D


  5. congrats!!! i still have to wait a while...
    love ya and hugs!!

  6. hey emii friend PLEASE follow me... love ya!! waiting for cadia... oooh aren't you excited??? :)

  7. thanks Emii I needed that song. You know that my sister died and well my mom's due date is coming up and I sometimes doubt I know that I should not but it is so hard sometimes. when I heard that song It reminded me to let it out just cry it is OK to be sad and to want my sister. but I cant keep it all bottled up inside. I thinks that being the second oldes5t in my family makes me feel that I have to be strong even thought I know that I am not. You and my friends from Nancy rue's blog really helped me then and you are helping me know. I want you to know that you have made a difference in my life. Thanks that means a lot.

  8. congrats, emii! (: whats up with anonymous's comment?? its talking about cigarettes...anyway, good song. is it on her old cd?

  9. Hey Emii,
    Congrats on your blogversary!:) Wow! I can't even believe that it's been a year already. It seems like just yesterday we had just started blogging and now your blogversary. Well, I hope that you keep blogging for many more years to come and that you will keep posting those amazing posts that you do. Keep up the great work, Emii! (lolz, remember that? hehe.)



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